Types Of Shepherd Dog Breeds

There are various types of shepherd dog breeds that are available in the market for you to adopt. Shepherd dogs make very loyal and playful companions and it is important for you to know about the types of shepherd dog breeds if you are thinking of adopting one. ‘TypesOf.com’ brings you an introduction to some types of shepherd dog breeds, so you can choose and adopt.

* German Shepherd: The German Shepherd is one of the most popular of the types of shepherd dog breeds. The German shepherd is also popularly known as Alsatian or Alsatian Wolf Dog. This breed is particularly intelligent and quick learners. They are also highly active and curious, which makes them good guardians. They are also very suitable when it comes to search missions. If they are well trained and socialized, they are one of the safest breeds around. They might not become friendly at the first glance, but loyalty, once established, is one of the major traits of this breed.

* Anatolian Shepherd: The Anatolian Shepherd is one of the types of shepherd dog breeds that are most popular for their speed and agility. They are intelligent dogs, but as they were raised to protect a herd without human instruction, sometimes they might choose not to follow your commands. This might make them difficult pets, but they make up for it in being very protective of you. And as they were bred to be protective, they can chase ‘predators’ before they can attack. They are not meant to live in small spaces, and should be adopted only when you have a big yard. If they are introduced to cats when they are pups, they learn to get along with them.

* Australian Shepherd: This is one of the types of shepherd dog breeds that have been valued for their versatility and trainability. They are well known as therapy dogs, disaster dogs, and search and rescue dogs, among others. This is a highly energetic breed and requires a lot of exercise and attention. This breed is fairly kind, loving, loyal and devoted to known people. Dogs of this breed are also capable of entertaining themselves and they do that by inventing exercises and games by themselves. However, it is important to keep them as occupied as possible to prevent the possibility of them turning destructive. Such dogs are also very intelligent and form very strong bonds with a select few people.

* Basque Shepherd: This breed of Shepherd dogs is highly trainable. They are usually seen competing in various events like agility trials, obedience, showmanship, and herding, among others. By nature, they are friendly, calm and sociable, and thus, make very good pets. They are also very loyal, loving and affectionate.

By looking at some of the types of shepherd dog breeds, you can decide which dog you want as a pet based on your requirements and the space you have at home. This is because most shepherd dogs are not suitable for small places, so it might not be a very idea to adopt them if you don’t have a house with a big yard.