Types Of Sentences In A Paragraph

For writing something that is attractive and intriguing there are several factors to be taken care of and one of the major factors is sentence construction. There are four types of sentences in a paragraph and their right usage should be ensured for the right framing of a paragraph.

The writer might be intending to tell reader something informative to remember or asking a question or presenting a message in a straightforward way or express emotions or feelings. Whatever be the intention of the writer, the proper use of different sentence types make the creation look outstanding. The four types of sentences in a paragraph are:

* Declarative sentences

* Imperative sentences

* Exclamatory sentences

* Interrogative sentences


The types of sentences in a paragraph that can make statements for relaying ideas or information are known as declarative sentences and can be identified by the simple period punctuation. Such sentences are unchallengeable facts and the statements made by them cannot be questioned. Declarative sentences are highly used in the composing of formal essays and reports.


* Tomorrow is Monday.

* The car is black.

* That is John.

* You are a good man, Tom.


Imperative sentences are types of sentences in a paragraph used for issuing commands or requests or for expressing a wish or a desire. Imperative sentences can be used beautifully to make conversation parts look attractive. Simple period punctuations are used for punctuating imperative sentences and exclamation mark can be used depending on the need. The use of punctuation is totally dependent on the emotion that you wish to express.


* Please, open the door.

* Stop!

* Take that file.

* Go to the bank.


Exclamatory sentences are used for expressing strong emotions and it doesn’t matter what kind of emotion you need to express. Such sentences always end in an exclamation mark and that is a unique feature helps in identifying the exclamatory sentences. Even though exclamatory sentences can be used to portray your emotions, be careful about using them for excess usage of them can make your writing look less sincere.


* What a lovely picture!

* Amazing weather!

* I can’t believe this!

* Oh my god!


The types of sentences in a paragraph that toss a question are called as an interrogative sentence and are easy to notice. Such sentences can be included whenever you need to emphasis on a confusion or doubt or to get a proper answer. Interrogative sentences act like a dead end until it is provided with an answer because the further proceeding of your writing depends on the answer. Interrogative sentences are punctuated using a question mark and makes it easy to identify it.


* Did you have your breakfast?

* Is it raining outside?

* What is your favorite food?

* Who one the first price in the quiz competition?

Interrogative sentences might require a yes or no response and at times they are more open ended and demands a descriptive response.

Before writing anything you should be aware about the different sentence types and should exploit them maximum to make your writing look charming.