Types Of Sentences English

There are four basic types of sentences English which are based on their mode of expression. A sentence can either be making statements, making requests, conveying a strong emotion or feeling, or asking questions. This is why they are categorized into four distinct types which are exclamatory, imperative, interrogative, and declarative.

Types Of Sentences English – Declarative

These are sentences that meant to make statements. Examples include;

I will resume trading tomorrow

I left the civic center very early today

He refused eating the pizza and demanded for doughnuts

We took the same bus while going to the carnival

Tomorrow will be the most exciting day of my life

There are so many ripe fruits on the mango tree

Types of sentences English – Interrogative

These are basically in question form. They are easily identified because they carry a question mark. Some of them include;

Do you think it is wise to appeal to the panel?

What are you going to wear tomorrow to the party?

How many angles are there in an octagon?

What are you going to eat for dinner?

Types of sentences English – Imperative Sentences

These are the types of sentences that are in form or requests or command. Some of them include;

Please I need you to do something for me

Stop yelling at the little baby

Get me a glass of water to drink

Go over the counter and speak with agent

A lot of people do not think that imperative sentences have subjects. But in essence, they have. The subject, though not always visible, is the person that is making the request or command. For example, ‘hurry up and bring the shoe’ can be written as ‘you hurry up and bring the shoe’. In this case, ‘you’ becomes the subject though not visible in the first statement.

For more clarification, see the following examples

(You) stop yelling at the little baby

(You) get me a glass of water to drink

(You) go over the counter and speak with agent

Types of sentences English – Exclamatory sentences

These are sentences that show the degree or level of emotions or feelings. They are also easy to identify as they usually end with an exclamation mark. Some examples include;

Stop whatever you are doing!

Shut up and listen to me!

Oh, I just love this weather

I’m really favored to have you!

I can’t wait to start playing football again!

The exclamatory and interrogative sentences are easy to identify because they always end with exclamation mark or a question mark. However, it is equally easy to identify other types of sentences English and the best way is to memorize the function of each sentence. You can decide to attach each sentence to their respective function such as by saying an interrogative sentence is a sentence for strong emotion or feeling, imperative sentence is a command and request sentence, interrogative sentence is a question sentence, and declarative sentence is a statement sentence. These are the four types of sentences English and a mastery of their use is important for proper sentence construction.