Types Of Schizophrenia

What are the different types of schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that disrupts the way a person thinks. These can cause different reactions, perceptions, and emotions for something that is so common. People who suffer from this disease often have troubles connecting to the society. In worst cases, people who suffer from schizophrenia may get scared of themselves and what they do. There are different types of schizophrenia. The most common ones are the paranoid type, the disorganized type, the undifferentiated type, and the catatonic type.

The paranoid types of schizophrenia happen when the person suffering from it experiences delusions and other forms of hallucinations. This includes being able to hear voices when there is no one talking. Sometimes, people who have this will experience having imaginary friends and sometimes even enemies. However, the people who suffer from this have normal functions of the intellectual mind. Yes, delusions are mostly caused by being unfairly treated and such. People that suffer from these types of schizophrenia are often angry, aloof, anxious, and argumentative.

The disorganized types of schizophrenia happen when a person gets disorganized in speech as well as behavior. Here, people suffer from not being able to be understood. They then show off inappropriate emotions. Examples of the symptoms of these types of schizophrenia are when a person laughs or cries when he or she sees a traffic light changing its colors. Some other disorganized behavior of these types of schizophrenia can interrupt normal activities.

The third types of schizophrenia are the catatonic types. These are characterized by movement disturbances. People who have these types of schizophrenia can be immobile at times. Some can get immobile totally, while some move all over out and about. The people suffering from these types of schizophrenia can stand not talking for hours. Then, when they finally talk, they will tend to repeat what they are saying, senselessly. The problem with these types of schizophrenia is that this can put people at risk of hurting themselves.

The undifferentiated types are those that have symptoms of all the four types that are mentioned above. Here, it will be very difficult for one to say which type the person has or how to react to it. The people who suffer from this have extremely unpredictable reactions to things. Therefore, it is harder for the people around them. The best way to deal with people who have this is to just let them be. If they talk to you for any reason, then talk to them – but do not argue or anger them in any way.

Lastly, we have the residual schizophrenia. These are the types wherein there is a past history of any of the schizophrenia types and episodes mentioned above. The problem here is that the person suffering from it may not show any symptoms but you’ll never know if there really is something lurking in his or her head. There are some people who experience a full blown attack but some may just experience periodic episodes that can lead to more damage to that person’s brain.