Types Of Salads

There are thousands types of salads are available. Salad is nothing but the combination of two to four vegetables. These vegetables get served in a dish in an attractive look. The main feature of salad is that it keeps a person healthy. All types of salads show positive effects on the body. Usually, cookery world always seem interested in producing different kinds of salads. Various experiments get carried out before inventing a fresh new type of salad. However, these salads could differ in a wide variety of ranges. Salad is considered as a non-fluid and set-to-eat type of dish that gets produced from the heterogeneous items in a wet form. After making a wet salad it is necessary to allow it under little temperature for the further processes of warming.

When it comes to the word salad, everyone starts thinking about the light and salty green vegetable dishes that often get decorated with a sauce. However, the actual concept of salad is completely different. Since there are several types of salads there is no limit to the usage of ingredients. Ample numbers of items could be used as salad ingredients. It may be fruits, granules, red meats, white meats, seafood, and the sweets. Whatever that seems tasty could become an ingredient for the salad.

It is little bit difficult to define the word salad. So, these salads could get classified on the basis of their ingredients. Some salads use raw vegetables, some salads use cooked or warmed vegetables, some salads use fruits while some salads simply include meats. The common types of salads could be listed as a green salad, bound salad, fruit salad and dessert salad.

Green salad:

Mostly the green salad gets produced from the leafy vegetables such as spinach, various types of lettuce or rocket. These are considered as diet food since they contain low amount of calories. The salad leaves get crushed or chopped into sinkable sized pieces and then required amount of salt get spread over it.

Vegetable salad:

Vegetable salad is made up of vegetables that have different colors but not the green color. Commonly used raw vegetables are tomatoes, celery, radishes, onions, cucumbers, and carrots. Extra ingredients such as eggs, cheeses, seafood, croutons, antichoke hearts, and beans may get added to this kind of salad. This is the mostly used among all other types of salads.

Bound salad:

This is an American salad type in which excess use of boiled potato with eggs and mayonnaise engaged. This salad type is most delicious as compared to the other types of salads. Bound salads could be regarded as another form of sandwich. This type of salad can be composed i.e. arranged or it can be tossed i.e. putting in a sink and mixing with other ingredients. These salads get more preference in case of picnics. These can be made within few minutes, so these can be used as fast-food salad.

Dessert salad:

Dessert salad comes in sweet taste. The usage of green vegetables is avoided for making dessert salads. Among all other types of salads, dessert salad always becomes top priority to the children because of their sweet taste.