Types Of Roses

What are the different types of roses? Roses are such beautiful flowers. They are very colorful and fragrant as well. They come in all shapes and sizes, too. The thing is that there are so many types of roses that one can get for their loved ones. No matter what the occasion is, roses are the safe choice because you can be pretty sure that the person you will be giving them to will enjoy their grace and beauty – given the many types of roses you can find.

There are three main types of roses. The first ones are species roses. These are the types of roses that have been around for hundreds of years. Next, we have old garden roses. These are the roses that are known to be cultured before the year 1867. Lastly, we have the modern garden roses that were introduced to us after 1867.

The Old Garden Roses. Alba roses are roses that belong to the old garden roses group. They are usually white or pale pink with foliage that is grayish or green. These types of roses only bloom once. After that, then there will be no more blooming of roses for the certain plant. The bourbon types are the roses that are first bloomed repeatedly. The name came from the place where it was introduced, Bourbon Island in the Indian Ocean. The main characterizing feature of these types of roses is their very fragrant smell. The Centifolia roses are your typical cabbage roses. They are small, bloom only once, and they have more than 100 colorful petals on them. Moss roses belong to the breed of roses that bloom only once. They are also very fragrant. The name of these roses are gotten from the moss like growth that they get somewhere in their buds and stems.

The Modern Garden Roses. Hybrid teas are the long stemmed types of roses that are centered highly. They only have one flower at each stem. These roses can bloom upright with characterizing features that include narrow plants. Floribundas are the breed of roses that are of the shrub variety. They bloom in clusters and continuously, too. Compared to the hybrid tea, Floribunda roses are more hard, bushy, and full. Grandiflora are types of roses that are tall and vigorous. They are known to produce flowers that are either in singles or clusters. These are the types that are closest to the hybrid teas, only the plants of the grandiflora are tall. Climbers are the types of roses that are characterized by long canes. They can be trained and shaped no matter how you please. These are the types that are normally trained to go and crawl over fences, walls, and trellises. There are many kinds of climbers as some of them only bloom once and some of them are repeat flowering. Polyantha are small roses that are large clustered. They are small and free flowering as well. Lastly, we have shrubs. These are types of roses that vary in height and habit. Some of their flowers bloom only once. Some of these types have many petals, and some can be trained.