Types Of Rice

What are the different types of rice? Rice is a grain that is a staple food to most parts of the world. There are actually more than 40000 different varieties of rice around the world. However, there are only a few that are acceptable in the US. There are many different types of rice. These types differ in characteristics, cooking features, and many others. The thing is that when it comes to nutrition, these types of rice are pretty equal.

The main types of rice are the long grain, medium grain, the short grain, and the sweet or waxy. They are, well, what their name implies. The long grains are the types of rice that have long grain. They are light and can be fluffy when cooked. The medium grain types of rice are those that are much shorted kernels compared to the long grain. Unlike the long grain, however, these are moist and tender when cooked. Compare to the long grain, the medium grain rice is known to be able to cling together to. The short grains are the types of rice that have short kernels that are even almost round. When cooked, the grains become soft and are able to cling together. Lastly, we have the sweet or waxy types of rice. These are the types of rice that are opaque. They are also short and plump like the short grain. This rice is very glutinous when cooked, hence the name. These are the ones that are mostly used in formulations of commercial products. When it comes to frozen products, flour and starch of this rice is used to bind gravies, fillings, and sauces.

Aside from these types of rice, there are also known aromatic varieties of rice. These are the grains that are known to provide an aromatic scent that is similar to those of nuts that are roasted. The flavors of this rice are known to be almost identical. But when cooked differently, they are flexible enough to adapt as well.

The most common aromatic rice in the US is called U.S. aromatic rice. These are rice that is red in color. They are a lot like the brown rice. They are processed so they will retain the layers of bran. When cooked, the grains give out a nutty and savory flavor and chewy feel.

Black rice is the type that is made out of black grain. These are the ones that are mostly used in desserts. These are minimally processed as well, like the brown rice and the US aromatic. The taste, however, of this rice is somewhat sweet and spicy.

The Calrose is medium grain rice that is short for California Rose. They are harvested mechanically and minimal water is used to grow them.

Among all the different types, the most common and preferred one around the world is the Jasmine rice. This is a long grain type that is grown in Thailand. It is known to have a popcorn-like flavor and sometimes somewhat of a roasted nut. When cooked, the grains are moist and stick together.