Types Of Retinal Cells

Knowing the types of retinal cells can help anyone make sure that they are well protected. You see, retina is the part of the eye that is found somewhere in its inner surface. This is the part that allows us to see, so to speak. This is why it is very important that you are able to understand what types of retinal cells are present so we can take good care of them.

The types of retinal cells are composed of different layers that work together to be able to allow us to see. The first types of retinal cells layer is the membrane found in the basement of the retina. The second types of retinal cells layers would be a layer or nerve fiber. The Mueller Cells are types of retinal cells that can be found in the retina to support retina neurons. These are the types of retinal cells that make sure that the retina grows. They are the ones that serve as a guide to cells too so that they will be able to develop new axons.

If the many types of retinal cells gets damaged, there are a number of diseases that can appear in the retina, and we won’t want to have them. Retinitis pigmentosa is one of these diseases. This is actually a genetic disease wherein the eye will end up not being able to see during the night. The eye will lose the peripheral vision too. On the other hand, macular degeneration pertains to the loss of the vision. The main cause of this is impairment of the macula cells present in the eye. When you get retinal separation health problems, the retina will detach itself from the eyeball. Retinoblastoma is known to be the cancer that forms in the retina, and is as dangerous as the other cancer types too.

There are many other diseases that can cause problems in the retina. However, most of these ailments and diseases can be solved by retinal gene therapy. Here, a noninfectious virus will be used to bring a certain gene to the retina. When the transportation of the gene is done, it will start doing its job and it will fix the retina the soonest possible time. Many studies have shown that this is both an effective and safe treatment method for many retina diseases. This is why these are the ones that are most recommended to people who experience any of the retina diseases that are mentioned above.

Our eyes are very important sense organs that we do not want to lose. However, problems in the types of retinal cells can cause serious vision problems that can even lead to total loss of vision. Therefore, if you notice anything wrong with your eyes, retina or not, make sure that you visit your medical professional the soonest. This way, they can examine your eye and see whether you are indeed getting any of these diseases. Prevention has always been better than cure, remember that all the time.