Types Of Retail Careers

With a wide range of career path, the retail industry is no exception as there are several types of retail careers available for retail oriented individuals. The following information will be very vital if you are looking to get acquainted with the types of retail careers in the industry.


Marketing activities in a company are very important to the efficient operation of that organization. These types of retail careers are widely sought after because they provide the basis for career advancement in the retail industry. Usually, a company will either have a single department for all its marketing activities or different departments for different units such as public relations, visual merchandizing, sales promotions, and advertisement). Marketing equally analyze the buying patterns of customers in order to improve their marketing reach and promotional effectiveness.

Store Operations

These types of retail careers oversee activities related to operations in the store. Some positions that can be attainable in this career include district store manager, regional store manager, and head of store operations.

Loss Prevention

This area of the retail industry is involved with the activities that try to safeguard the property of the company through risk management, such as employee and customer safety. These types of retail careers also involve the handling and prevention of loss of merchandise loss as a result of vendor fraud, paperwork errors, employee theft, and shoplifting. The security of company building and the store is still the job of this group of people.

Store Management

The functions of store managers cut across the supervision of sales and other activities related to the management of inventory. Their duties also include financial functions, administrative functions, staffing, and the opening and closure of the store.


This is one of the most important of all types of retail careers. In fact, anyone who wants to channel their career to the retail industry should have some sort of financial and accounting skill. This is because a lot of activities involve finance and accounting. The main duties of people under this field include credit lines, investment, banking, cash flow control and money management, keeping and maintaining financial records, paying expenses, an income accounting. Some companies may even include auditing duties under this category.

Human Resources

This career path is also very common among all types of retail careers. Generally, the duty of the human resources department is to oversee recruitment and selection in an organization. They take care of the entire recruitment and selection processes and ensure that the right candidates are employed in the organization. Apart from recruitment, the human resource makes sure that the staffs are well motivated to work at optimum performance by ensuring the payment of their benefits and other non monetary rewards in the organization. It is the duty of the human resource department to also settle disputes arising in the work place.

IT and eCommerce

These are the technology experts in an organization. They make sure that IT needs of the company they represent are properly met in order to ensure that all networks and streamlining processes are working efficiently.