Types Of Research Questions

Understanding the different types of research questions will be helpful for any individual who wishes to pursue a research on any topic. The main aim of the questions is to provide an insight into the topic on which an individual wishes to develop or study further and improve. Most questions give relationships between the cause and its effect. This is important for a researcher and helps him or her try various methods and approaches to define and conclude the working action that brings out a positive result. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to research questions in different aspects.

1. Questions related to observational and relationships

Observation and relationship questions form as the first phase in types of research questions for an individual. These questions help the researcher build a foundation to future study on the elected topic.

a. What stage?

b. What is the reason for occurrence?

c. Which reason improved or showed no results?

d. Do both or more reasons have same frequency and outputs?

e. How to select the best method for positive result?

f. What other reasons can be included?

2. Cause and effect questions

The cause and effect questions fall under the second phase of types of research questions for any individual who completed the first phase. These questions offer advancement into the theory, which they established in the first phase. The questions provide insight into causes and effect on an assumption or study the present causes and improve their effect.

a. What is the cause?

b. How many causes?

c. What is the result of a specific cause?

d. How multiple causes are affecting the output?

e. What are the chances to improve the cause?

f. What is the rate at which the assumption changes a specific feature for a given cause?

There are different types of research questions in every field. Every question has a certain importance and provides the necessary information to continue the research. It is necessary for the researcher to carry out the three main important categories of questions – how, what, and when. Depending upon the subject in the assumption of the research field, an individual can define all the possible questions in these three categories. Gathering information and answering to these questions will be helpful for the individual to carry out in-depth analysis of the assumption and arrive at a conclusion for the theory or the research paper.

Brainstorming, collecting questions from other research papers belonging to similar field and self-motivation are the key aspects through which an individual can prepare a chart of different types of research questions for their subject. Descriptive questions, theoretical questions, predictive questions and policy augments are the subcategories in research questions. Possessing knowledge on the research questions is very helpful for any individual is to continue their research in the right path and arrive at a possible solution for the topic. There is no superior or better question in the field of research. It is necessary to find out an appropriate question belonging to the field.