Types Of Research Problem

types of research problem

A research problem is actually the aim of a research and the research is intended to find answer for questions posed by the research problem.


Such types of research problem are mainly intended on improving your knowledge on something. The questions will be of the type that can take you through facts and information that might be helpful for your personal use and such types of research problem do not have any commercial importance. Any individual or even firms can do basic researches and the researches can be even without time bounds. A research on contemporary literature is an example for basic research problem.


Applied research problems are the types of research problem that are aimed at solving problems that are practically concerned with world. Such research mainly deals with problems concerning man and the world and knowledge gathered through such researches are not gathered just for the sake of gathering knowledge. Researches on health conditions, epidemics etc. are examples for such types of researches. Applied researches can be done at any level including companies and governments and organizations. A company can conduct an applied research for the problems they are facing whereas a government can do it for fighting an epidemic or a natural calamity.


Quantitative research is concerned with the quantity of something. Such types of research problem gather information about the quantity of a product or a similar object in the past and compare it with present quantity so that the information can be used for deciding on the future production. Such researches are mostly done in industries and other business enterprises because information on quantity is very important in such cases. Statistics is highly used in quantitative research and quantitative researches remain as the fundamental basis for modifying and deciding on theories and mathematical equations that are to be used in the industry.


Qualitative research is mainly the analysis of non-quantitative things such as description of things, meanings, symbols etc. and such data are obtained by observing people and understanding what they do and say. Such types of research problem are more subjective than other research problems and focus more on individual objects are small groups. An individual or a small group of individuals are interviewed in depth and an exploratory research is done. The interviews will help you to gain knowledge on an individual’s experience with a particular phenomena or even an experiment. Qualitative researches can be done on customers of a particular product, victims of a tragedy etc. Qualitative research is very much important because it mainly deals with how a customer or a common man sees a particular thing regardless the actual effect or aim of that thing. There can be a few things, which are actually intended at the benefit of the customer, but it is not necessary that they should be happy about the product. In such cases, only a qualitative research can help you to implement necessary modifications.