Types Of Research Papers

There are different types of research papers and it is necessary for an individual to understand the difference between every version. This makes it easy to present a paper in the required format according to the requirement. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to different research papers that currently exist.

1. Argumentative papers

Argumentative types of research paper have two sides of controversial issue. A good argumentative paper contains citations from researchers and logical facts related to a specific issue. It is also important for the author to analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of both the agreements. However, it is essential that the author favor any one side of the argument.

2. Analytical papers

Analytical types of research paper are self-explanatory. It provides the ability for the author to provide analysis of different viewpoints related to a specific assumption or analysis. It is important to include logical facts rather than opinionated standpoint when presenting and analytical paper. It should also describe and focus on findings, methodology and conclusion. It is also important for the author to provide a specific framework to carry out further study on the analysis.

3. Definition papers

Definition types of research papers describe a factual standpoint without any personal emotions or opinions included from the author. As such, a research paper consists of information from different sources; any information in a definition paper is left un-analyzed. It only contains facts found from another research paper. A good definition paper provides valuable information that works best for of demented of and analytical report on the same definition.

4. Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast papers are often used in literature to compare two different authors. However, it is essential for the author to select a specific genre, to perform a complete comparison and contrast the differences in the paper. It is also possible for the author to utilize the compare and contrast a research paper in social sciences, in theoretical viewpoint, in philosophy and in business studies. It is necessary for the author to provide examples that highlight and compare the differences between the authors and supports the theses.

5. Cause and effect papers

Cause and effect paper provide information related to expected results from a specific action. Such a paper is easy to follow by any reader. It provides more insight into logical progression of a specific action. Cause and effect research papers are widely used in business and educational fields. The paper also shows information related to the applicable areas and the range of results that one could arrive at for a specific situation through different logical conclusions.

Different types of research papers play a vital role for every individual based upon their study and field. It is essential to opt for the right style of paper to make sure that their thesis is supported and is presented in the right format. Gaining knowledge on these portions is very important for a student to present him or herself perfectly in the field of education or business.