Types Of Research Models

There are so many ways to categorize the different types of research models. For instance, research in different field is called by different names like scientific research, medical research, psychological research and more. The methods that are used for these research and the purposes for this research usually categorize the types of research models.

Although the names might differ, yet the basic principle remains the same. Here we have listed different types of research models that are generally used around the world:

quantitative and qualitative

quantitative research is usually done by connecting statistical data. All the features of the research are counted and classified with the help of statistics to explain and analyze the information that has been generated. Tools used for such kind of research include feedback forms, questionnaires and fill up forms that are given to volunteers or test subjects. The basic idea of quantitative research is to gather information and sum it up into a statistical evidence for high accuracy.

Quantitative research on the other hand is a subjective and is usually a description or interpretation of whatever is being researched. Unlike quantitative research, it does not use any numbers of figures but provides information as visual on narrative representation. This type of research usually relies on the researcher to record also and see what happens when the participants on so open-ended questions.

Observation and experimental

observational research is usually a collection of information without interference of the researcher. It is just the observation of things that naturally occur around a targeted place. The research is simply an observation and recording of natural occurrences. This observation is then analyzed and interpreted to draw conclusions.

Experimental research comes as a direct contrast to observational research. In this research the researcher sets conditions or para-meters for the research results and is capable of changing them at any time to know the effects. Experimental research is usually done in a controlled environment like a laboratory. The researcher is conducted here so that the researcher has more control of the situation or condition in his experiment. This research allows the researcher to also how different we are able under specific conditions can react.

Basic research

When the basic concept of research is simply to uncover all revealed the truth, it can be called a basic research. This research requires nothing but resolving or exploring something that is not understood or uncovered.

Applied research – applied research is basically taking what is already known and implementing it to discover more. For example, applied research is generally used to solve a mathematical problem.

Developmental research – developmental research is very similar to applied research but usually concentrates on what is already known to improve an existing technology or subject and create a totally new product. This is usually done in technology and marketing field where there is always a need to create something new or creating a change.

The above are some of the different types of research models used in various field around the world.