Types Of Research Longitudinal

Longitudinal research is the term used to refer to the research in which a group of people is observed for a period of time. Such researches are conducted to study the relationship between individuals who have contrasting backgrounds and there are different types of research longitudinal.


Panel studies are the types of research longitudinal that studies the characters of a sample of cross-section of individuals. The cross section will be observed for a period of time to gather data on particular details and the collected data is analyzed and is used to study particular characteristics. The observation is done on preplanned strategy and every move is made under guidelines. Such types of research longitudinal can include questionnaires and the subjects can be interviewed based on the questionnaire.


Cohot studies are the types of research longitudinal that involves observation of a selected group of people. The selection is done based on several factors such as birth date, geographical area, ethnicity etc. These types of research longitudinal are done to identify the characteristics that are common to a particular group of people. This study can be implemented to analyze current scenarios in order to make decisions for future. For example, study made on a group of people who were the victims of an epidemic or similar disasters in order to make sufficient arrangements for the future safety is a cohot study. Cohot study can be implemented in industries also where production and output are dependent on the nature of people working in the firm. To understand the factors that can affect production, the company can study the employees and decide on the changes that should be implemented.


Retrospective study is the type of research in which the past is studied and analyzed with the help of documents and other historical papers. The records can include medical reports and similar documents. This type of research is done to understand the reason behind the current behavior of the subject. When the subject is not cooperating or not in a state to cooperate, the observation should be done in such a way that the subjects involvement is not required. In such cases, the past documents can be helpful in deciding the characters of the subject. In medical cases, previous medical records play a very important role in deciding on the subjects condition and to decide on the treatments that should be given to the patient.

Longitudinal study is a crucial study method used in psychology. Such types of researches are concerned with studying the characters of individuals or group of people. Research and observation should be done for an extended period of time in order to make sure that the collected data are accurate and sufficient for taking the research to the next level. Short period of observation can result in inaccurate results because people’s behavior and responses can also depend on temporary situations too. The solution is to reduce the size of the subjected group so that you can keep it going for an extended period.