Types Of Research In Sociology

Sociology is the subject which teaches the science of society. There are different types of research in sociology which helps us in understanding the society and the associated things much more easily. When it comes by observing any research then it is very important to have a deep look over the things with multiple view points. The multiple ways of looking at it helps in observing the particular thing in the best way. Also, it helps the researchers in identifying that which one is the most suitable way of observing a particular thing is. These are the observations which take place in different manners and define various types of research in sociology. This observation tool is the most influential tool for all types of research in sociology. Also, the situations are observed by them and in order to observe them in an appropriate manner there are several methods an observer must carry out. They are as follows:

• Like, if some children are playing in the garden then the duty of an observer is to identify that in what types of activities these children are involved. This involves differences in the games the different groups of children are playing, the different types of children (number of girls and boys). This is one of the types of research in sociology which includes the observation based on the differentiation.

• In order to identify the ways used by the individuals based on the sites that where they actually locate themselves on that site and in what kind of activities they are engaged in.

• The main aim of any observation is to develop the theories regarding the behavior of the individual. This will show that in a certain type of situation how a particular individual behaves and handle it. This behavior follows the inductions which are being provided by another person who already have built up the theories regarding such a behavioral act.

• Also, research involves the observation made about the behavior of an individual that how he/she interact with another individual in daily life. This will help in understanding the basic nature of that particular person.

• The observations are highly confusing sometimes, especially, when the effects of different types of sampling patterns are trying to be offset. These different type of sampling patterns are like when more than one individual who interviewing/responding to the questionnaire(s) at one time of the day or much lesser individuals at any other times of the day, or when at different times all these individuals are different like families during daytime, and single individuals in early evening.

All these things are associated with all types of research in sociology. When reading it seems that these things are not so important to be researched and observed, but they all are very important because these things are responsible highly important in order to understand the society and determining the facts related to the society and the individuals who are living in the society. Also, all these researches are not so easy to be carried out and an observer or researcher has to put a lot of effort regarding the research.