Types Of Research In Nursing

There are several types of research in nursing that have been discovered to simplify the nursing processes. Signs of acute and chronic illness; prevention of diseases are some of the focus on these types of research in nursing. This has led several major national policies to directly guide the types of research in nursing to improve the life span and the quality of life of an individual. In United State, the research helps to eliminate health disparities among individual and families. Such disparities are caused by lack of medical insurance and lack of access to healthcare.

A wide scope of scientific inquiry is covered by the types of research in nursing which include clinical research, nursing educational research and health systems and outcomes research.

Clinical Research

Clinical research is one of the types of research in nursing that occurs in any setting where nursing care is available. The scientific basis of individuals is provided by the clinical research based on the behavioral, biological, and other type of investigation across the life span of an individual. Across the entire life span of an individual, this type of research in nursing ranges from severe to chronic experiences. In order to have a great impact in the future the research in nursing should take a farsighted approach.

Nursing Educational Research

Nursing educational research is one of the types of research in nursing that enhance and discover more effective approaches to promote lifelong learning. This research focuses on developing and testing more effective educational processes. In addition, new ways to incorporate technology is identified to help in nursing research. Continuous supply of educated nurse is significant in order to maintain and enhance the health of a nation in relation to statistic study of human population.

Health Systems and Outcomes Research

In the midst of all these types of research in nursing, health system and outcomes research aspire to know how cost, quality, and the experience of a patient and their families influence the organization and delivery of health care services. This research weighs up both the systematic structure and clinical services on how services are delivered. The provision of effective and efficient health care is achieved by exploring personnel while controlling the cost of health care. The consolidation of health plans and health care setting goes on as the health care environment make over swiftly.

The demand of these types of research in nursing has been greater than before because of hush-up of cost, lack of continuous access to health care centers and services, and the lack of fund and effort to come up with quality health care.

Challenges of these types of research in nursing

These types of research in nursing have faced a number of challenges and opportunities stemming from swift growth and lack of resources. The types of research have contributed to evidence-based practice as the health policy increase exponentially. In contrary, the discipline of nursing has been prevented from achieving its full potential by a number of challenges that face the nursing research.