Types Of Relationships

There are very many types of relationships depending on how people involved interact with one another. Level of interaction is one major factor which is used to distinguish between different forms of relationships.

Friendly relationship

These are very common types of relationships. It involves helping someone whenever he or she is in need and it all involves providing emotional support during difficult times. Defining the best friend is one of the most challenging points among very many individuals. Although very many people may camouflage themselves as your friends, it is wise to find all mechanism possible which can help you to identifying only reliable and true friends out of the many who might be a round.

Defining the life span of these types of relationship is yet another difficult thing. People may be friends today and may disagree either today or tomorrow. But all these form part of life.

Relationship indicates how two or individuals relate. People who are not in good terms with one another are also said to be in some sort of relationship. Enmity is also a form of relationship.

Disagreements are the primary cause of these types of relationships. It can be permanent or temporary depending on whether the issues under contention have been resolved or not. If the issues remain unsolved, then most definitely enmity will always remain permanent and this is one example of a bitter relationship.

Romantic relationship

In these types of relationships, two people are normally entangled in love with both sharing intimate time together. They do all that is done by people in a friendly relationship except that sex is one factor which is introduced in this romantic relationships.

These relationships can either last for a long time or for a short time depending on the primary goal of the relationship.


This is a very common type of relationship. Normally, after having romantic relationship together, most people at times resort to marry the partner with whom they had god times together. They form a family and if the duos are lucky enough they can bear children and have grandchildren if possible.

In most societies, this types of relationships involve paying dowry by one party; either the man or the woman depending on the traditions of a given society. It also involves going through formalities to prove to everyone that the parties involved are in a relationship. These formalities may include having a wedding, traditional ceremony or signing a legal document as a proof but an attorney must be present.

Relationship s can also be classified depending on the time which it lasts. It can either be a short term relationship or a long term relationship. The period which a relationship lasts varies between individuals. A given relationship may last for a period of two months or at times it can go up to three years or lead to marriage. However, in most cases, one which last for not more than six months may be considered a short term kind of relationship while that which lasts for more than one year can be considered as a long term relationship.