Types Of Questions Powerpoint

There are various types of question powerpoint allows you to put before other. That is the benefit of the program- you are able to display a lot of material before people in a classroom or in meetings by attaching your computer to a projector and showing them to your bosses/peers or students. You can make presentations, formats, designs, add sounds, effects and such like to some information when using the program and displaying various types of questions powerpoint allows you to. You can add different kinds of graphics to this and play around with these as well. However, this article would help you by telling you the various types of questions powerpoint may inspire your teacher to ask of you. Often many questions are put before students to test their knowledge so that the teachers knows that you know how to you use the program and of the various ways that powerpoint can help you.

You may be asked different types of questions powerpoint may have led your teacher to ask or these may be powerpoint related themselves. You may be asked multiple choice questions (more popularly known as MCQs- the initials of the three words) instead in which you would have to tell your examiner the correct answer by choosing one of out a four or five choices so that your examiner knows that you know what the program is all about. These may be pertaining to the kind of images that can be displayed on the program or something similar of the sort may be asked instead.

In other cases there may be subjective questions instead where you won’t be able to choose questions as you would be in multiple choice questions. In this case you would have to give reasons for your answers regarding your views when answering the question itself. You may also just simply select a number of answers where you feel the types of questions powerpoint related are put before you and tick the ‘Subjective Answer’ box because your answers are related to your opinion- they are related to what you think and to your logic and have nothing to do with objectivity. Sometimes one may get confused in which case you just need to read over the questions carefully and try to see if any logic is needed on your part. If so, that is when your answer is subjective and you leave the Subjective Answer box ticked.

Some types of questions powerpoint related may have more than one correct answer and your teachers may simply be testing you to see how much you know about the types of questions powerpoint inspires them to ask of you. These questions are tricky though so you need to know the program well and answer them carefully. Some types of questions powerpoint related may not seem like they have more than one correct answer but they do and that is only something that you could know and be sure of if you know about the program.