Types Of Questions In Education

types of questions in education

Proper way of education and learning is through questioning. A learning environment, without lot of questions being asked, is useless. There are mainly six types of questions in education.


Clarification questions are the types of questions in education that are used for clearing doubts or confusions that can arise in a learning session or discussion. Those people, who are skeptical about the validity or relevance of a point being discussed, mainly ask such questions. Clarification questions mainly demands reasons in most cases.


– How is it related to our discussion?

– What example can you give for it?

– What reason do you have for making such a statement?

– Is there anything we already know about it?


These are the types of questions in education that are asked to a learner in order to understand what assumptions they have in their mind regarding a topic being discussed. Such questions are helpful in making the learner think beyond presuppositions and also to know about their beliefs, on which they are founding their arguments.


– Is there any other assumption that we can conceive?

– What is the reason on which you are building up your argument?

– What else could happen?


The types of questions in education that probe the rationale are used for making sure that people are making an argument on valid reasons. It is a common tendency for people to assume things and come up with an argument. Such reasons may be partially correct or incorrect at all. To help the learner to make an argument on reasonable thoughts, these types of questions should be asked.


– Why do you believe so?

– How can that happen?

– Could you show me?

– Can you give a proof for that?


Any argument made will be highly influenced by the viewpoint of the person and it is important to thoroughly understand someone’s point of view. There are situations in which an argument can be correct in a particular point of view but it is also important to make them understand there are other possibilities also. Questioning viewpoint types of questions in education are helpful in solving such problems.


– Who all can benefit from this?

– What if this happens instead of that?


Arguments made can have logical implications too and probe consequence types of questions in education are used for ensuring the validity of such logics and to forecast the consequences.


– What could be the outcome?

– How will it affect..?


These are the types of questions in education that are used as bounce back attacks because such questions will turn back the question asked by a learner on themselves. Such questions are important in ensuring the validity or relevance of a question being asked by a student.


– Why do you think that question is relevant?

– What does it mean?