Types Of Questions For Reading Comprehension

When it comes to reading comprehension is key because, obviously, if you cannot comprehend what is being said then, there is no point in reading. This is why there are several types of questions for reading comprehension- they help an examiner understand how much of what your read is understandable to you. Some of these may be general while others are possibly more specific in nature though both types of question for reading comprehension help you analyze your own comprehension skills. Some of these questions may even be asked on a daily basis in different ways but you may not realize it.

One of the many types of question for reading comprehension is the universal ones where the bigger picture is looked at and there is no specificity involved here. These pertain to the generality of a subject or topic and all you need to do is to explain the topic in a manner where you show that you understand what is being asked. For example, you may be asked to tell what an author is trying to explain or illustrate where a certain passage is concerned and that way you would be able to give the examiner and idea that you know what he wants to find out- the general picture.

Another of the various types of questions for reading comprehension are the specific ones where the question is, as obvious, specific and it is posed in a restrictive manner- you are to answer the question while taking the specified aspect into account so that you can answer it properly. So, you many, for example, be asked about why a particular character was eccentric as opposed to the rest, in a passage. This question would focus on the specific character and hence, these questions are specific in their own way.

Then, there are vocab-in-context types of questions for reading comprehension which are fairly easier as opposed to the last two. You would simply be asked to explain the context in which a phrase, term, metaphor or simile was used so that the examiner can check whether or not you are aware of the purpose of these when it comes to the English language. So you may be asked what a certain person in a passage was referring to when he referred to another character in a particular way.

Some types of questions for reading comprehension require you to explain the author’s point of view when he said something or refers to something or someone in his story. In these cases the examiner wants to know whether or not you have the analytical skills required to be able to comprehend what the author is trying to say because, after all, that is what is important when you read a passage by a particular author, right?

These are some of the various types of questions for reading comprehension which require you to be able to understand a passage in many ways and to read it while considering many different aspects too.