Types Of Questions Exercise

Various types of question exercise can be found towards the end of a chapter in a textbook and these are usually laid out so that a student can revise everything and assess everything that he may have learned regarding the chapter after it is completed. These also help a student get prepared for exams and tests because frequently examiners and teachers do use these types of question exercise too. One usually tends to overlook these but students who do go over them find that they are very helpful in the long run because it helps get a good idea of what a chapter is about and how they need to prepare for their exams and tests.

In some cases these types of question exercises may require one word answers if they are ‘true or false’ questions because they help the students make some pointers for themselves in their minds. So, for example, a question of this sort would ask- ‘Condensation and evaporation are similar processes- true or false?’ and the student has to then rack up his or her brains and get an idea of what both processes are before answering the question itself. The answers are brief but they help the student keep certain concepts in mind when thinking about the answers and the questions asked.

Then another of the many types of questions exercise are those that challenge the students concepts and thinking so that they can look at the topic from different angles. This way the student gets to understand more than one or two concepts and looks at the question while applying everything that he learned in the chapter to give an answer. These types of questions exercise are excellent for revision and give the student a chance to revise everything he learned in the chapter. These questions also give the student a chance to analyze the chapter, topic and question properly. Again, the student is able to make pointers and revise anything that he feels he may have missed in class or while looking over the topics. These types of questions exercise are usually given a lot in tests and exams because they can be quite difficult and challenging and the examiner would like to see if the student knows his topics well.

Some types of questions exercise merely ask students simple definitions and to explain a certain concept with examples. This helps the student get everything on their fingertips prior to exams and tests and they remember everything they need to know as well. When and where they discover that they have missed anything they will go over the chapter again. So, these types of questions exercises would ask- ‘Define condensation with examples’ or ‘What is the definition of evaporation? Please explain with examples’. These are short questions that help students memorize and understand things that are important from a chapter.

You see, exercises and questions included in exercises help students get an idea of the chapter and revise everything after they have finished a chapter so that they can understand it better.