Types Of Puppies

What are the different types of puppies? Puppies are cute and cuddly and most of us think they are absolutely adorable. But puppies aren’t so easy to take care of as most people think. They require a lot of dedication, hard work and patience. When you buy or adopt a puppy you have to make adjustments to your house to ensure the safety of your family(small children) and also for the safety of your new puppy. Puppy proofing your house could mean hiding all sharp or small objects to storing bleach and other chemicals in places where the puppy cannot reach them. It is vital to socialize and train your puppy from an early age to discourage and prevent unwanted behaviour in the future. That being said, puppies will be puppies and your shoes may get chewed and socks may go missing.

There are many different types of puppies that are all unique yet they all seem to fall into one of 6 groups. The bully; these types of puppies are overtly social and like to steal toys and food from the other puppies. These types of puppies will play rough and will act aggressive if another puppy wants his or her toy back. Normally the bully puppy ends up being the dominant puppy in the litter.

The rebel types of puppies will do the exact opposite of what you tell them to do. When its time for a bath or for a walk, instead of being submissive and letting you pick them up, they will run away or hide because this type of puppy has a mind of its own. He will challenge the bully puppy but when things get too aggressive the rebel will play the submissive.

The independent thinking types of puppies like to play with people and other puppies but are just as happy to go off and play on their own. This type of puppy with be that one puppy who strays away from the rest of the puppies during a day out at the park. These puppies tend to live in their own little world and have a mind of their own to go with it.

The eager to please types of puppies are constantly seeking attention from their owner and live for their owners approval. They are very responsive and easy to train because they readily do as they are told which makes them wonderful pets but if they don’t receive any direction they can end up being naughty because they aren’t getting rewarded for good behaviour. If they get negative attention when they are bad, then the puppy will continue acting out because negative attention is better than no attention at all.

The relaxed and laid back types of puppies will be seen as the lazy ones because of how calm and easy going he is. This puppy will sleep, eat and play in perfect proportion on their own time. These puppies are ideal for families with smaller children since these puppies don’t get too excited and generally have a very mild temperament.

Then there are the timid and shy types of puppies. These puppies wont seem to want to play or interact with people or other puppies, they are extremely submissive and insecure and might hide when you want to play with them. They are usually unsocial and don’t engage in other puppy play. To determine what personality your puppy has you just have to observe and be patient and you will soon find out if you have an ankle biter or a face-licker.