Types Of Prostate Cancer

What are the different types of prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is a cancer that only develops in men, as only men have this gland in their reproductive system. They are slow growing but very dangerous. However, little do people know that there are actually many types of prostate cancer. You see, it is very important that you know these things as prevention is always better than cure. Knowing these types of prostate cancer well will allow you to know how to prevent yourself from getting it.

The first of the two types of prostate cancer is Adenocarcinoma. This is the most common of the types of prostate cancer, actually. However, among the three types, this is the one that is the slowest growing. But keep in mind that this is still cancer and no matter how slow this type can grow and spread, it will still, in the long run, spread past the prostate and the areas near it including bones, lymph nodes, etc.

The symptoms of these prostate cancer types can start from a bothersome pain in the abdomen, fatigue, weight loss, and even weakness. When the tumor gets bigger, then it can already block the passage of the food you are digesting – yes, it is obstruction. If you are not aware of what obstruction is, it is the blocking of the intestine where nothing will be able to move through. While the cancer gets worse, one can feel worse as well. Some symptoms of this can include nausea and vomiting. Therefore, when you are already experiencing these symptoms, beware and make sure that you visit your physician as soon as you can.

The second of the types of prostate cancer is small cell carcinoma. This is quite rare but very aggressive so you should beware if you are diagnosed with this. Usually, this pertains to small cells that arise from the lungs. When they exhibit there, they can be malignant. Unfortunately, when this type of prostate cancer exhibits in the prostate, they become aggressive and can be very challenging to treat. The worst part of this types of prostate cancer is that it is usually too late when they are detected.

There are many different risk factors in both types of prostate cancer. The first is genetics. You see, cancer can be a hereditary ailment and it can be passed on from generations to generations. Unfortunately, there are just some genes that are prone to getting them and there are some that don’t. Another risk factor in both types of prostate cancer is diet. Due to the many chemicals that are involved in production of food these days, there are such food types that can cause one to be more prone to get it. For instance, eating red meat and other processed food have been proven by some studies to contribute to the occurrence of the types of prostate cancer. On the other hand, eating fruits and vegetables that are not processed can help one lessen the risk of getting both of the types of prostate cancer.