Types Of Printer

What are the different types of printers? Almost all the things we do in our computers need to be on paper. This calls for the need to print by the help of the printers. Due to the recent developments in the technology, there have been different types of printer that has been introduced to us. This list includes the dot-matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, and all in one printer.

The dot matrix types of printers are pretty much the oldest types of printer. They print by striking pins against the ink ribbon so to follow the shape of the images and text that you want to print. These printer types got their name because the printing happens in dots that are closely spaced. These are the old types of printer that are still used today because these are the types that can print multiple pages at once – which the newer types of different printers cannot do. The dot matrix printers use ribbon ink to print.

Inkjet printers are considered the most affordable of the many types of printer. They work by spraying the ink at a sheet of paper. To be able to direct the ink to the images or text that you would want to print, magnets are used to guide them. These are the types of printer that can produce high quality print. However, the newer laser printers beat this record as they can print better pictures. If the dot matrix printers use ribbon, the ink jet printers use ink cartridges.

Third, we have the laser printers. As the name implies, these are the types of printers that use lasers to print the images or text that you want to print. The way these printers work are like how copy machines work. The laser printers use toner cartridges as ink.

When it comes to the cost, it is always cheaper to use the inkjet types of printers than the laser ones. However, when it comes to the printing speed, the inkjet are slower as well. A huge hiccup of the inkjet printers is that they require some special ink to smudge on cheap copier paper. Therefore, when you are replacing the ink cartridge of your inkjet printer, prepare your wallet. When it comes to the popularity, the inkjet ones are the more popular. This is because of the cost effectiveness of the types. Also, they are known to be more portable than the laser printers as usually the laser printers are made heavy duty and they can be really large and bulky.

Lastly, we have the all in one printer. These are printers that can print pretty much everything that you need to print clearly and quickly. Also, these printers can also be used to send fax, scanning documents, and copying among others. They can be very handy as they are many devices in one. When compared to the other types of printer, this is the most cost effective as it can function as many different devices without the need to spend for each of them.