Types Of Potatoes

Read about types of potatoes. Potatoes are among those vegetables which can be used more and less in every kind of cuisine, it have a sweet starchy flavor which easily get along with every dish. It was introduced four centuries ago in some part of South America. It is among the top five largest growing food crops along with wheat, maize and rice. There are different types of potatoes available in different parts of the world, commonly types of potatoes fall into three basis categories; starchy, waxy and all-purpose potato which lies in between these two categories.

Starchy potatoes are good for baking and frying while waxy potatoes works best in soups, salads and roasted. All-purpose potato is not very starchy and waxy; it combines well with most of the dishes containing potato. Here are some of the sub-types of potatoes differs on the basis of size, shape and purpose.


This is among the starchy types of potatoes; it is a common type of potato used on a daily basis. It is also known as classic potato due to it commonality in people’s mind. It is easy to go with different recipes and best used for baking and frying purpose. It is yellow-brown in color and has low sugar.


This is among the waxy types of potatoes; it is large, irregular and waxy in nature. It has beautiful white and waxy skin and can be use best for mashed and roasted potatoes. It have sweet and creamy flavor which gives food amazing texture and taste.

French Fingerling:

This type of potato belongs to waxy potato family. It is pink in color with yellow epidermis. It is smooth and silky in texture and goes well for roasting. There is a pinking ring on the lower part of the potato.

Red Gold:

This is among the all-purpose types of potatoes which are available to most part of the world. It is medium in size and has a red and sun golden skin. It is very tasty in flavor; it gives the sweet and creamy texture and taste along with some crispness. It can be used as boiled, mashed with some herbs or roasted.

Purple Majesty:

Purple Majesty is among those types of potatoes, which belongs to all-purpose family. This type of potato is dark purple in color and feels little moist in texture. It is very nutrient in nature when cooked, it have high antioxidants. This type of potato maintains its unique color even after being cooked. It fits best in salads, roasted potatoes, baked and in soups.


This is among all-purpose types of potatoes, it have its distinctive color which is not seen any types of potatoes. It is dark blue in color from inside as well as outside. All types of potatoes have yellow epidermis but this is the kind which has a unique color. It has dry texture and goes best in steamed potatoes or baked with butter and some herbs. It won’t be good in stove cooking, baking and steaming keeps its different color and texture.