Types Of Popular Sweets

Learn about Types Of Popular Sweets. Sweets have always been a part of every individual’s diet. A passable amount of sweets intake is all right but too much is not good for health since it can cause diabetes and other ailments. Sweets are especially popular to children who usually can eat a handful of those such as candies, lollipops, jelly beans, chocolates, you name it, they eat them all, and without proper supervision, it can cause tooth decay. Nevertheless, sweets are still delicious to have and it is part of every individual’s diet which should be taken in moderation. Sweets are not only for children but for adults as well. In fact, there are some adults who have not even outgrown eating sweets like lots of chocolates especially; however, too much sweets can also lead to weight gain, so this should be controlled if not avoided. Desserts are also rich sources of sweets and for some if not most having some dessert every after meal has become a habit.

Sweets are indeed irresistible especially for those who have the sweet tooth. The list of the types of popular sweets below is a delight to try.

Chews or Taffy- This is one of the types of popular sweets which is folded a lot of times over 50 degrees Celcius in order for the air bubbles to be incorporated to reduce its density as well as to make it opaque.

Tablet- This is a milk-based candy that is soft as well as hard. It may be in different forms either heart shapes or wafers.

Mithai- This is a type of sweet which is a general term in India, ordinarily flour and/or dairy products are used to make it. Its sweeteners include molasses or sugar.

Marzipan-This is almond-based and usually served in varous ways.

Marshmallow- This is one of the types of popular sweets which everyone loves. Examples of which are fluffy puff, circus peanuts, etc.

Liquorice- This contains extract from the root of liquorice. This is usually more resilient and chewier than gelatin/gum candies and is usually swallowed.

Jelly Candy- This usually includes some starch, sugar pectin, gelatin, of gum. Examples of which are gummies, jujubes, gumdrops, jelly beans,etc.

Ice Cream- This is one of the types of popular sweets usually present on birthday celebrations. It is flavored and frozen cream which contains bits of nuts, fruits, or chocolate.

Hard Sweets- These are just simple sugars in which some coloring or flavor is added. Examples of which are rock candy, candy cane, lollipops, lemon drops, etc.

Halvah- A type of sweet which is tahini-based. Tahini is a kind of paste which is made with the use of sesame seeds.

Fudge- Usually chocolate favored especially in the USA, this is one of the types of popular sweets wherein the sugar and milk are bolied.

Fondant- Usually prepared from sucrose and glucose warm mixture and partly crystallized.

Dragee- This is a kind of candy which is sugar panned or may be almonds which are sugar coated.

Dodol- This is popular in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia which is somewhat like toffee.

Divinity- This includes egg whites as well as chopped nuts in its ingredients and is somewhat like nougat.

Chocolates- This is one of the types of popular sweets mostly everyone cannot resist and are usually bite sized and with chocolate in its ingredients.

Caramel- It is a mixture of milk products, glucose syrup, and sucrose. Such mixture is not crystallized making it tacky.