Types Of Popular Computer Graphics

Learn about Types Of Popular Computer Graphics. Computer graphics also sometimes called CG refers to the manipulation and creation of pictures through the use of computers. It is all about creating images with the use of computers. It includes 3d and 2D images, animation, video games, PC games and everything that is visually entertaining and created by computers. Computer graphics is also seen in films,video games, PCs and TV programs as part of their special effects.These graphics for special effects are created to produce photorealistic or lifelike creations for the purpose of blending them into a certain scene that was previously taped or filmed.These include alien creatures, giant robots, explosions and entirely digital succession of action which was not actually filmed the scene of which was just created with the aid of the computer.Generally, it is all about the images used and created in all media forms. Most completed art which the graphic designers create and use in advertising, corporate logos and websites is created by using a computer.

The types of popular computer graphics are actually categorized into two main types, the interactive or the non-interactive type of computer graphics.

The interactive type is one of the types of popular computer graphics wherein an observer can control the image on a computer through a certain input device by which a request can be made to the computer. A certain example of this type is the video game. The interactive type is also one of the type of popular computer graphics that requires a two-way process of communication that involves the user and the computer.This is basically operated in a certain way wherein the computer is able to modify an image as it receives some signals coming from a certain input device which is provided by the user.In the users point of view, the image changes simultaneously as he commands.Each time he gives a command, a certain graphical response is generated by the computer. Thus, through this process, a dialogue or conversation takes place between the user and the computer.

The interactive type is one of the types of popular computer graphics which benefits us in various ways indirectly. Through this type, the pilots of the airplanes we take when we travel can be trained how to maneuver an airplane. This is made possible through the use of a special flight simulator which helps train the pilots without the need of an actual aircraft and without leaving the ground but by just controlling such flight simulator. This flight simulator resembles the flight deck of an aircraft and contains all the typical controls with screens in its surroundings. The screens feature views of terrains visible when taking off as well as landing which are all computer generated. The use of flight simulators for training pilots poses advantages such as familiarizing the trainees with numerous airports in the world, providing safety, and savings on fuel consumption.

The non-interactive or passive type is one of the types of popular computer graphics wherein an observer cannot control the image. A certain example of this is the title that appears on TV as well as other computer art forms.