Types Of Poetic Devices

Any writer who wants to come up with proper expressions that are appealing to the reader to hold their attention and for this they use various types of poetic devices. it can also be used to lay emphasis upon something or when a poet would like to end a poem in a certain way he/she will use different types of poetic devices. These are used in poetry and different types of poetic devices are used frequently in poems though one may not realize it. If you read poetry you would be able to tell that some stanzas are being repeated at various points. A stanza is a poetic device within itself, as are the repetitions that are used in the poem.

If you go over the poetry of Rudyard Kipling you will find that he has rhymed different stanzas in his poems and these stanzas are put together in a way where they give meaning to what he writes. These stanzas, when combined, tell the reader of a story that the writer tries to tell via the stanzas themselves. The rhyming and his prose are such that it is meant to give meaning to the stanzas being used at various points in the poem. Two types of poetic devices may be seen to exist here- rhyming and stanzas. The reason that these are referred to as devices is that they are used in a way that is technical to throw a poem together. Even the writer himself may not realize that he is using various types of poetic devices to draw in the reader. As the reader you may see that though the poem isn’t what you would call ‘logical’ where the writing prose and style is concerned, it still does make sense to you by the time you are done reading it.

Several types of poetic devices are brought together to come up with a poem. If you were to break down a poem into several pieces and then analyze them, you would see that different types of poetic devices are juxtaposed to come up with one poem altogether. Divide a poem and you are bound to see that there are some places (if not all) where the writer uses metaphors. These metaphors bring a certain sort of appeal to the poem and the metaphors are used in a particular way so that you can understand what the writer was trying to say.

Rhyming, too, is one of the various types of poetic devices. Look at this example:

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star

How I wonder what you are’

Do you notice the rhyming? That is the example of a poetic device. Rhyming and metaphors are a favorite of poets. Apart from these imagery is used often too. Imagery is the use of language which is appealing to the audience. A reader feels like reading a poem because of the use of these types of poetic devices. These are examples of the most common types of poetic devices used by poets today.