Types Of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is none other than a disease and there are several types of pneumonia. The known types of pneumonia can be listed as Bacterial pneumonia, Mycoplasma pneumonia, Aspiration pneumonia, atypical pneumonia, Hospital-acquired pneumonia, Community-acquired pneumonia, Pneumocystis carnie pneumonia, and viral pneumonia. These types of pneumonia are categorized on the basis of the virus infections included in each type.

Bacterial pneumonia:

This type of pneumonia is caused by a range of bacteria. The most ordinary bacterium called the streptococcus pneumoniae is responsible for this kind of pneumonia. In case of destabilized body that undergoes variety of minor diseases such as sickness, starvation, or weakened invulnerability bacterial pneumonia is frequently occurring disease. In this type of pneumonia, there are chances of lungs damage. There is no specified age group at which bacterial pneumonia is possible since this pneumonia can occur at any stage of life.

Mycoplasma pneumonia:

As compared to other types of pneumonia, Mycoplasma pneumonia has diverse indications and bodily symptoms. Continuous incurable cough is the common symptom in case of Mycoplasma pneumonia. All age groups could get affected from Mycoplasma pneumonia. The chances of Mycoplasma pneumonia are higher for the smokers.

Aspiration pneumonia:

Swelling of the lungs and bronchial pipes is a true symptom of Aspiration pneumonia. This symptom gets caused by exposure to the foreign materials through the foods and drinks. Usually, Aspiration pneumonia causes continuous vomiting and discharging of the fluids from mouth to lungs.

Atypical pneumonia:

Legion-Ella pneumophila, Chlamydophila pneumonias, and Mycoplasma pneumonias are the bacterium that causes atypical pneumonia. There are no specific symptoms found for this kind of pneumonia. However, it is considered as the most dangerous among the other types of pneumonia.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia:

A contamination of the lungs constricted for the duration of a hospital stay causes this kind of pneumonia. However, this pneumonia is mild in nature as measured up to the hazardous levels of other types of pneumonia. It is little bit difficult to fight against this kind of pneumonia since the kinds of diseases that get infected in community are more dangerous than the usual ones that directly attack the body without having any contact with another body.

Community-acquired pneumonia:

It is also called as CAP. It is a serious type of pneumonia since it involves continuous illness that is incurable in nature. This type of pneumonia can lead to the death of a suffering person. Since it leads to the death it is considered as the most dangerous among the several other types of pneumonia. However, proper meditation could help in curing this pneumonia but still the actions turn useless in its last stage.

Viral pneumonia:

It shows the symptoms such as inflammation of liver, swollen lungs etc. Viruses such as Para-influenza, influenza, Hantavirus, adenovirus, herpes simplex virus, rhinovirus, respiratory syn-cytial virus, and cytomegalovirus are the root causes of viral pneumonia. An infection to these kinds of viruses could lead to viral pneumonia. Usually, many cases of viral pneumonia got cured without treatment. However, it doesn’t mean that all cases would turn out good in the end. Some cases of viral pneumonia need hospital treatments.