Types Of Play Genres

Genres is basically the category of literature, art or any other forms of entertainment based on some set of stylistic criteria, in the simple word genre is the style of writing or presenting. There are several types of play genres which will be discussed here.

Genres vary from style of writing or presentation of attraction for its spectators or readers. We come across various ‘types of play genres ‘in our daily life in forms of television shows, movies, books or novels we read, newspaper, stage shows and many more.

Talking about Indian market it is filled with many ‘types of play genres’ as India is a country where talent has been given full nurture. People in India are more attracted towards historical, comic, fiction, poetry, music and mystery. People like to read about mythological aspects of history about the lifestyle of rulers in the past. Comedy leads to bring down the whole day stress and that is the only reason people go for comedy rather than towards crime and action in daily stressful life.

Youngsters like to go for another form of the genre that can give them some interesting and attractive logic like adventure, romantic, action, fantasy as they try to connect themselves with the characters or stunts depicted in these type of genres which could make them feel special and could help them in increasing their interest towards different aspects of life or even help them in finding out their inner skills.

Elder or mid age group likes the different ‘types of play genres’ which could connect them to people of their times and that’s the reason they like to go for biography, autobiography, documentaries, folk tales or poetry as they like to talk about their experiences and could connect to them by relishing their early times.

Below two are the simplest form to categorize the ‘Types of play genres’ to avoid any kind of confusion in the minds of people on the term genre. As many people are unaware of what is a genre:

Fictional genre: Fiction is a kind of creation to attract people by connecting them by telling about characters from past or self created. This ‘type of genre’ is used in various aspects like books, television shows, movies, poetry, scientific, historical, fantasy, mystery etc.

Nonfiction genre: This ‘type of genre’ tries to bring the original ethics or facts and figures to provide information to the people so that they could keep themselves updated with the traditions and the current scenario. This could be seen in the biography, news articles, books, folk tales and autobiography.

These were some of the genres which are commonly known by an individual. But, there are several other types of genre exist which are used maximum by the film makers and the directors. They have made such a great use of them in order to depict their story. After them, there are the writers of the T.V. Commercials and the books. But, a common man is not much aware of the word. After reading this, they will come to know about the word in a better way.