Types Of Pie

A pie is a dish made of pastry filled with sweet or sourly ingredients which is then baked in the oven. Pies hold a very special place in traditional American home-cooking. The are numerous types of pie; small pies, large pies, medium-sized ones, pies with a crust or not, pies made with fruits, pies made with cheese, and even pies filled with meat. Basically anything you can think of. Think of a certain ingredient for a moment and you bet that there is a pie made with it. And if no one has come up with it already, that will be your chance to make your own pie. In essence, the number of pies that one can make is only limited by human creativity.

The most common among all types of pie are apple pies. Take a large bowl and throw inside sliced apples and two tablespoons of lemon juice; mix them with sugar (white and brown sugar), flour, cinnamon, nutmeg. You will also need butter, yolk, some milk, and of course pastry that will be enough for two crusts. The process will be a bit more elaborate than it sounds, but with a little effort you will have a delicious apple pie.

Some other very common types of pie made with fruits are: strawberry pies, cherry pies, blueberry pies, lemon pies, blackberry, cherry, cranberry, and elderberry pie. Of course there are many different recipes for all those types of pies, which can bring forth another taste despite the fact that they are filled with the same fruit; such is the case for the banana cream pie and banana caramel pie. Keep in mind also that different types of pie are favored in different areas; and people with a different ethnic background prefer to make alternative types of pie. Although there are many pies made with fruits, two types of pie that are famous around the world are the English pear pie and the French apple pie. There are also types of pie that combine two recipes into one magnificent outcome.

Put together the recipe for a blueberry pie and a banana pie, and what get is a delicious banana blueberry pie. On the other hand, some types of pie do not use fruits, like for instance walnut pies, almond pies, and pecan pies (which by the way have great nutritional value). There are also types of pie, which are so sweet that you are running the risk of having a stroke (from too much sugars) right after you eat them; vanilla pies, caramel pies, and of course chocolate pies all belong to this category of stroke-inducing pies. Sour and salted pies also form a very special category of their own. The most famous of all types of pie in this category is the cheese pie, and keep in mind that any variety of cheese can account for a unique type of pie. There are also pies for meat lovers made for instance with bacon or turkey, or even veggie pies for those who are against the consumption of meat or who simply prefer to keep their diet as healthy as possible. And the list with the various types of pies goes on and on and on; for there are as many pies as there are ingredients that you can think of.