Types Of Phones

What are the different types of phones? Communication has been an important part of our lives. Wherever we go, whatever we do, it is important that we get in touch with the people we love. This is why phones are invented. Phones are those wonderful pieces of technology that allows us to be able to talk to our loved ones even when we are on the other corner of the globe. This being said, more and more types of phones are being invented up to this day. But there are three main types of phones that one should primarily have.

The first of the three types of phones is the land line phone. As the name implies, these are phones that are, well, on the land and are connected by lines. In specific, these phones are connected by wires that are insulated. They are connected to a certain network – your phone network company’s network. These wonderful pieces of devices have a microphone and speaker on them so that you will be able to hear the person you are talking to and vice versa.

The second of the three types of phones is the mobile phone. As we all know, people nowadays that we tend to move out and about almost every hour. This has become a disadvantage to the land line phones and this has given birth to the mobile phones. The name says it all – mobile phones are phones that are mobile. You can bring them everywhere and anywhere you want. Unlike the traditional landline telephones, the mobile phones need not to be connected to any physical line as they allow you to call friends and loved by be sending different radio waves. These radio waves are then transferred to cellular network sites until your call gets connected to the person you are calling.

The best part about mobile phones is that they allow you to do more than just call. The early mobile phones are the types of phones that allow you to also send text messages to other cell phones. And then the other features followed such as calculators, alarms, and organizers to name a few. After a while, mobile phone has become more complex. Now, from your mobile phones, you can also connect to wireless networks that will allow you to connect to the World Wide Web.

The third of the three types of phones is the VoIP phones. These are considered the top of the line types of phones these days as they allow communication via the internet. You see, we are already at the internet age, where one cannot live without being online. This is why phone companies developed this wonderful gadget that will allow you to call the people you love over the internet. The best part about the VoIP phones is that they are usually the most cost efficient. There are many WiFi spots around us that we can connect for little or no cost. And with just this, you will be able to enjoy unlimited calls to the people you want to call – wherever, whenever.