Types Of Pharmacy Careers

The field of pharmacology is a vast one and in the world of today there are so many different types of pharmacy careers – you don’t necessarily have to be the guy standing behind the desk at a pharmaceutical every time. There are so many careers in the field and some of them may not even require you to be directly involved in the field either.

One of the many types of pharmacy careers is that of the retail pharmacist. The retail pharmacist must be prepared to work for very long hours. People need medicines at all times and you never know what might happen to whom and when. These guys may be required to stay in stores for more than the standard 9-5 worker would have to stay behind the desk. Think of it this way- it is their job to sell medicines throughout the day because many people have diseases or symptoms of diseases which do not have a particular time. They may just show up. Someone may be suffering from a very bad headache and would walk into the store late at night to look for a strong aspirin, for example. Though a bit stressful the job is very rewarding and you can develop a particular type of clientele.

Then, there is the clinical pharmacist and these types of pharmacy careers, as is obvious by the title, work with doctors and nurses in the hospital. They may assist these guys when performing a surgery or such like. They would be able to recommend doctors as to what of the various types of medicines they could and should use on the patient prior to operating upon him/her, what sorts of medicines the patients may require and such like. Again, it is a rewarding job though it is not as stressful as the job of the retail pharmacist.

The next of the various types of pharmacy careers is that of the nuclear pharmacist. Admittedly, the title may be somewhat deceptive- the job isn’t as dangerous as it sounds! The nuclear pharmacist measures, analyzes and delivers the radioactive material that is used in MRI scans and CT scans as well. The thing is that exposing patients to high amounts of nuclear material could be dangerous for their health and cause certain mutations which is why the nuclear pharmacist’s expertise are required.

For those of you who are more introverted or feel that talking to patients is not your thing or area of expertise, you could go for those types of pharmacy careers where you merely need to stock and organize carts of certain types of prescriptions. Or you may have to deal with over-the-counter medications for every type of patient in search of medicines and such like.

These are some of the types of pharmacy careers. Every one of them is quite lucrative and suitable for people of certain types of behavior and natures. The jobs themselves are not very difficult or technical though they may be stressful and very demanding.