Types Of Pets

Discover the types of pets! Pets are an ancient tradition in this human race. In every era pets are considered as one of the most important part of life especially in western culture. People love to take care of small creepy, scaly, spongy and flying animals. Pets are those animals which are human friendly and can be kept at home. People adopt different types of pets for different purposes; it can be on the basis of loyalty, friendship, animal loving nature, playfulness or attention-seeking. Most common types of pets that people loves to possess are cats, dogs, rabbits, fishes, birds and reptiles. Here are some of the common types of pets that people loves to adopt and are children friendly.


Cats are most common types of pets, which are loved by everyone. Cats are adopted in an Asian culture too, this type of pet has been loved my majority of people. They are soft and human loving, they show their love in different ways. They are very naughty and playful too and mingle well with children. They are easy to train and don’t create trouble for the host family.

Dogs and Puppies:

Dogs are considered as one of the most loyal types of pets. It never betrayed the host family and is useful in many ways. It also serves as a watchdog and gives protection to his owner. They are symbolized as men favorite animal and their best friend. They are very playful in nature and can adjust in any surrounding. It fits well with every family member and accepts the host family with a big heart. Puppies are small dogs, which look very cute and kids loves to play with them. As they are small, they need little more attention and care;


Hamsters belongs to the family of rats, they are tiny and cute. They are very entertaining and fun loving. Kids love to play with this tiny pet. They are somewhat naughty too but always grab the people attention with their fun loving nature. You will never get bored around these types of pets if you take proper care of their mood swings and their diet. They are very clean and hygienic and can be trained easily.

Gold Fish:

Fishes are among those types of pets that are considered as most easy to keep as they lives in a small aquarium and don’t create any mess in the house. But, gold fish needs special attention and care. It is important to keep the aquarium clean from very portion and size of the aquarium should be designed on the basis of the number of fishes. Too many fishes in a small aquarium won’t survive for a longer period. Take care of the food of the fishes and their timings; choose the right fish food for the gold fish.


Rabbits are among those types of pets that are considered as the cutest and best companion for the kids. They are very adorable and mingle well with everyone including other pets. Some precautions need to be taken for rabbits as they have certain weaknesses. They get scared more often that’s why they can’t live outdoor. They don’t like to hugged, they get frightened and angry when get off from the floor.