Types Of Pasta

There are different types of pasta nowadays and different countries prefer using certain types of pasta in certain dishes and foods. The kind of pasta used in foods differs and gives them a different look and taste. There are over 500 types of pasta and each type is used in one way or another. Countries such as Italy use pasta in many dishes and so, it is pretty much a staple food in the country. You will find that pasta comes in different shapes and sizes as well and how these are used in foods affects the presentation and taste of the foods as well.

One of the many types of pasta is known as al forno. This is long and flat pasta which is used to make lasagna. This is what is used to hold up the cheese and to add layers to the dish as well. It is used to create layers in the dish and it is between these layers that you will find cheese, minced meat and/or whatever other ingredients are used to make the dish. This type of pasta makes it easier to bake the dish and prepare the lasagna.

Then, you’ve got spaghetti which is another of the various types of pasta. It is long though thin and one can add meat, pork or chicken, with some cheese and tomatoes to make a delicious and nutritious meal.

Regardless of the types of pasta you go for, you have to keep in mind the quantity of the people you would be feeding. If you’re feeding a large number of people, it would make sense to use al forno to make lasagna. Since it is long and flat, it would help satisfy the hunger of a larger number of people as opposed to something like spaghetti which can be eaten by relatively fewer people.

Also, it is important to keep in mind the dish you want to make. The main component of your dish determines which of the many types of pasta you would go for. If you’re going for cheese, al forno for lasagna would be a safe bet. You could feed a larger number of people by just adding more layers to the dish and using more meat, cheese and sauce to the dish so that its quantity can be increased.

If you want to have a light dish but are catering to fewer people or are on a date with your partner, you could use spaghetti with meat balls, gravy and some cheese. One of the quickest dishes you could make if, say, you’re hanging out with your friends or are hungry is macaroni and cheese. Macaroni is another one of the different types of pasta which can be boiled quickly and adding in some cheese would give it great taste and help fill you up faster. It would be easy to make, eat and you can serve it faster than dishes you’d make with al forno and/or spaghetti, too.