Types Of Pain

What are the different types of pain? Pain is generally defined as an unpleasant feeling that is caused by stimuli that is intense or damaging. It can be physical, emotional, or pretty much any others. As long as you feel unpleasantness, this is considered pain. There are many different types of pain – standard physical, structural physical, energetic, emotional, energy violator, and soul.

The standard physical types of pain are, well, the physical pain we get from physical damage to the body. The pain levels of the standard physical pain can vary. This includes getting cuts, bruises, and bumps. The best part about the standard physical pain is that it heals over time – that’s unless there is a complication. However, standard physical pain can turn to structural physical pain when left behind.

Structural physical pains, on the other hand, are types of pain that are experienced by the physical body that are caused by damage in the body structure. These can include distortions, misalignments, or abnormalities in the body. These types of pain can also be permanent damage such as amputation.

Next, we have the energetic pain. These are types of pain that are caused by disturbances in the energetic flow of the body. These can be energetic flow getting retained in the memory’s cellular storage. It does not reside in the body but the body receptors are the ones who feel them. There are some studies that show that energetic pain can be mysterious and have a different feel.

We then have the emotional types of pain. As the name implies, these are the types of pain that are caused by emotions getting hurt. These can be caused by overflowing emotions such as being hurt and upset. When we experience emotional pain, the brain sends out signals all throughout the body. Among all the many types of pain, these can be experienced with the other types such as physical and spiritual.

Energy violator pain happens when the physical body gets hurt with a body of energy affections. These affections then enter and violate the human body and therefore send signal to the brain that we are in pain and are getting hurt. The energy violator pain can get through the physical body. It can then travel to our emotions, then to our soul. There are even some studies that indicate that the energy violator pain can cause all the five other types. Therefore, this is the types of pain that should be avoided as much as we can.

Lastly, we have the soul pain. These are the types of pain caused by misrepresentation of the aspect of our body that is called the soul. There are many different damage types that can cause this. It can be emotional and physical, too. In order to tell which caused the soul pain that incurred, a full study of the situation at hand is conducted. Also, the soul pain can be picked up by pain receptors in the body. In these cases, the pain is most probably caused by something physical.