Types Of Organic Food

All types of organic food are basically food items that are produced through organic farming. In very simple words, organic farming is the method of agriculture in which synthetic substances like pesticides, weed killers or herbicides, artificial fertilizers are not used to enhance the production. This is more like the conventional methods of farming that were practiced before scientific revolution changed the way our food is produced. These food items being devoid of any toxic substances are healthier and taste much better.

Non-organic food items carry toxic substances that are known to cause damage to liver and even cause cancer though exact effects of such chemicals is not yet determined. Chemicals enter into the food chain and get accumulated inside the bodies of humans and animals.

Clearly, for a healthy life, it is best that you eat organic food. If you know the types of organic food, it will be easier for you to pick your choice.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are indispensible items in anyone’s diet, and these are also easily available types of organic food. You can choose from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits and gorge on it while being sure that you are not intaking any chemicals. You just need to make sure that it carries a certificate that it comes from an organic plant. Any such certified plant product comes from fields that do not have artificial fertilizers added to the soil, or pesticides used for at least three years. These products also follow the regulations set by AVA.

Organic Meat

Organic meat is another example of the types of organic food. Organic meat is obtained from animals that are never in their lives given any antibiotics, or hormones or other growth stimulants to fatten it up. Also, the food given to these animals is chemical free and care is taken that the fields they graze in are certified as organic pastures. Thus with no intake of chemicals in any form, certified organic meat is a treat for meat lovers.

Organic Dairy Products

Very easily available, healthy to consume, dairy products are important types of organic food. Milk from several animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, etc. may be certified as organic. Not just that, all dairy products like cheese, butter, yoghurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, and sour cream made of organic milk count as organic products, that is, the full spectrum of dairy products are free of toxic chemicals.

Organic Fish

Certified organic fish are another healthy option among various types of organic food. Organic fish are the products of fish farming done in special fish farms where fish are given suitable feed that is certified as organic, therefore not treated with any chemicals. You can get a variety of organic fish in the market like sea bass, cod, halibut, salmon, and trout. Fishes that are caught in rivers or ponds or open seas are not certified as organic as there is no way to ascertain what the fishes might have eaten.