Types Of Operating System Softwares

Learn about Types Of Operating System Softwares. An operating system or OS is basically software that plays a crucial role in the running of various programs. Operating system actually communicates with the hardware and permits several other programs to run. OS is included in every tablet, smart phone, and desktop computer and renders the functionality for every device. There are different types of operating systems software and all of them have a graphical consumer interface and all the operating systems vary in their functions. However, there are certain similarities among all of them such as multi-processing, multi-tasking, and multi users etc.

The most common types of operating systems software used all around the world for personal computers are Microsoft Windows operating systems. This operating software consists of a user friendly interface and is dominating the global market in the present times. The current interpretation of the customer software is of windows Vista, whereas the most current release of OS for the users is of windows server 2008. Another type of operating system software is named as Linux, which is quite popular all around as it is free. In addition, the source code of Linux can be utilized and changed by anyone and can also be re-spread under the agreements of free software license.

The graphical interface OS of MAC is a type of operating system software which is almost installed in the entire Macintosh systems. These types of operating system softwares basically permit the consumers to manipulate as well as interact with various computers and other multimedia devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and games etc. The MAC operating system is quite popular all around but as compared to the windows operating system, MAC is not compatible. UNIX is the type of operating system software which is generally utilized in the personal computers as well as servers. The client server design of UNIX is thought to play a crucial role in influencing the World Wide Web.

The real time OS is the type of operating system software that actually procedures the inputs simultaneously as well as quickly. These OS software are commonly used to control the complex systems that need much working such as machinery and various industrial systems. The single user OS software is basically designed for only one consumer, whereas the multi-user operating system permits many users to use the system at a time. Another type of operating system software is named as distributed operating system in which data and the software are both disseminated around the entire system. In this OS, various programs and files are stored on several storage devices that can be accessed from different terminals of the computer.

Typically, the computers consist of only one CPU that is used for treating different instructions. But, in case if the computer is running many jobs then ultimately the speed of the computer will be reduced to a large extent. In order to enhance the speed, multiprocessing type of operating system software is used which contains two or more than two CPUs in one operating system.