Types Of Office Careers

There are different types of office careers in the world of today and every one of these is important in its own way. The term ‘office career’ refers to those jobs that require a person to be present in the office in the day to be able to carry out certain services and duties and though these types of office careers may seem easy to handle, they are not and are actually much more hectic than you would imagine. You have to be on your toes at all times and you need to be at your employer’s beck and call when and where he/she needs you.

If you are good at communicating with people then those types of office careers would suit you where you could interact with customers and provide them with what they want or need. Some places may require you to do so from morning till evening while others may ask you to do your job from midnight till early morning. One such career is that of the customer service representative. Most companies need customer service representatives to help them deal with customers’ complaints and issue. Naturally you can’t expect the senior members of an organization to do everything on their own and this is where a customer service representative is required to handle calls and complaints from customers.

The toughest of all types of office careers has probably got to be that of the receptionist. These guys handle a lot more than we think- they answer phone calls, set appointments when someone calls in, they have to write down the timings for an appointment, go through files and documents to see when you can meet their employers. The receptionist has to manage the desk all day which is why the job of a receptionist is quite challenging.

Office managing is also one of the many types of office careers and it involves a lot more than the title may suggest. They look over a particular branch or office and assess the profitability of an office and may make suggestions regarding how to make it more profitable. They also hire employees and fire them. They keep a watch over how people are performing within the office and assign them certain tasks to perform. They also evaluate the performance of employees within the office and then, either hire, fire or promote them with their employers’ consent.

These types of office careers actually pay quite well and the main thing you need to be able to do to be considered as a suitable ‘candidate’ for these jobs is to be able to communicate with people. Communication for any of these types of office careers is important. None of these types of office careers are easy though. Imagine having to sit on your desk from 9-5 to keep watch over the phone or having to manage an office. The slightest mistake or neglect on your part could make things go really wrong for your employers. After all, they need you because of which they’ve hired you for your services!