Types Of OCD

OCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and at least one out of one hundred Americans suffer from it (and unfortunately the number is growing rapidly). Before examining the various types of OCD, let’s see the etymology of the words ‘obsession’ and ‘compulsion’ so that we better understand the nature of this disorder. An obsession is essentially a thought or an idea that keeps popping up in your mind without any apparent reason. This idea that repeats its self is then mixed with certain feelings, like fear or anger, thus creating an impulse to act on those ideas and feelings. Compulsion, on the other hand, signifies the need to do something in order to make the obsession go away. A compulsion, in this case, is something like a ritual that for some unexplained reason will relieve you of the pressure that the obsession is creating. Even if you analyzed your thoughts and managed to find those reasons, they would prove to be irrational, or at least non-rational. The most common types of OCD are: contamination obsessions, harm obsessions, symmetry obsessions, pure obsessions, and hoarding obsessions.

Those who suffer from contamination obsessions seem to become obsessed with the fear of becoming contaminated and infected with viruses and bacteria. Simply shaking hands with such a person, can make him go crazy and feel compulsed to wash his hands over and over again until