Types Of Nurses

What are the different types of nurses? Nurses are very important members of a community. They care for people who need different kinds of care, medical or otherwise. Before, we use to think that we only see nurses in hospitals and hospices. But this isn’t true. There are so many different types of nurses that one can see everywhere – each of them having critical importance to us. There are three main categories of the types of nurses, the Non-ICU Hospital nurses, critical care nurses, and the non-bedside nurses. The hospital nurses are those that can be seen in hospitals but not in the intensive care areas. Critical care nurses are those that have the specific goal of taking care of the patients needing intensive care. Lastly, the non- bedside nurses are those that can be anywhere, from consultation rooms to hospices.

There is a long list of non-ICU hospital types of nurses. Here we have the cardiac nurse, general medicine nurse, cardiothoracic nurse, med/surg nurse, labor and delivery nurse, nursery nurse, neurology nurse, oncology nurse, and many others. The cardiac nurses are types of nurses that deal specifically with the patients of the cardiology department. However, they do not cover those who are undergoing cardiac surgery. The cardiothoracic nurses are those types of nurses that focus on taking care of patients that are recovering from lung and heart ailments. The general medicine nurses, meanwhile, are those types of nurses that take care of pretty much every one. Hemodialysis nurses are those types of nurses that focus on people who are undergoing dialysis. Sometimes, these nurses can be found in the hospital and sometimes they can also be found in homes of the people undergoing the treatment. Pediatric nurses are the nurses that take care of sick kids and their parents. Oncology nurse are those who take care of cancer patients. We also have the orthopedic nurses who take care of people who have bone problems, and we have the nursery nurses who take care of newborn babies. While the labor and delivery nurses are those who help out doctors in delivering the babies.

The second categories of types of nurses are the critical care nurses. The most common of them are the emergency room nurse, surgical ICU nurses, neuro ICU nurses, and many others. The emergency room nurses are those that you see helping around in the emergency room. The surgical ICU nurses are those that handle patients which went through trauma surgeries. Neuro ICU nurses, lastly, are those nurses who take care of people who suffer from head trauma as well as strokes.

The third category, the non-bedside types of nursing, is composed of informatics nurses, forensic nurses, lactation consultants, and many others. The informatics nurses are those who use their knowledge in nursing to develop software and other computer programs for hospitals. The lactation nurses, on the other hand, are those who help mothers get more milk flowing of their mammary glands. Forensic nurses, lastly, are those who take care of people in the forensic part of medicine.