Types Of Noses

The nose is a very important organ in the body. Through it, we are able to exchange gases freely to and from the lungs and smell all that is around us. But is it true that people have different types of noses? What about personality, is it related to the kind of nose shape one possess? These are two different questions that this particular article will respond to.

To begin with, studies have reviled that there is some kind of relationship between the shape of the nose and one’s personality. For example, it is believed that those with hooked-shaped nose are powerful and gusty, pointed nose are self-assured and very inquisitive, snubbed nose are immature and friendly etc. However, it does not mean that if you have a specific type of nose then you have to fulfill certain traits in life. Just be yourself, that’s all.

The shape of the nose will also determine how best one communicates through facial expressions. Through the nose, one can easily tell whether a person is pleased with the kind of smell in his or her environment or even when on is happy or disgusted.

Some of the most common types of noses include:

The Lenin nose; these types of noses take the shape of an inverted triangle. They are narrow at the top and widens as it slopes downwards. Most people with Lenin nose are characterized with flared nostrils.

Here is an example of a Lenin nostril

The Aquiline nose; they slope along the middle part. They are considered to have a perfect shape. One good example of a person with aquiline nose is Daniel Radcliffe. People with these types of noses are believed to be good tacticians. Below is an image showing a typical aquiline nose.

The snub nose; researchers claim that most people with this kind of noses are ever immature though very friendly. This type of nose normally acts as the reference point when different types of noses are being classified. It is a very attractive nose which is small and resembles a button. It widens slightly making it to be adored by very many people. A good example of a snub is that of Wayne Rooney. Below is a picture showing a snub nose.

The Redknapp nose; it’s a very rare kind of nose. One person who possess such kind of unique nose is Harry, the Spurs boss. It is relatively large, sturdy and it goes well with a strong-featured face. The image below shows a redknapp nose.

The hawk nose; these types of noses resembles a birds beak and they are slightly curved at the lower end. It can only be attractive for individuals who have a pretty face otherwise it might not be. The figure below shows a hawk nose.

The Roman nose; this is a very attractive nose. It’s straight and flawless with a very smooth curve at the tip. A good example of a Roman nose is that of Tom Cruise. Below is an image of a roman nose.

These are some of the most common types of noses, others include the Greek nose, the Rumpole nose and the celestial nose among other types of noses.