Types Of Negative Personality

There are so types of negative personality in the world of today and these types of personalities are described as negative because this negativity translates into their general way of being, how they look at things and how they live their lives. One thing that is common in all types of negative personality is that they all attract negativity, failures and a lack of contentment and emptiness in their lives. Nowadays, it is actually easier to find different types of negative personality than it is to find positive people with positive personalities for numerous reasons.

The people pleaser is included in the various types of negative personality and these guys are in constant need of approval from other people. They lack self-esteem despite the image you may have of them and though they may appear to want to do things for other genuinely, they do not. What they do for others is not out of generosity but due to the desire to achieve their ulterior motive- whatever this may be. They use people by doing things for them hoping to get something out of it and when they do not, they tend to get annoyed and backbite about the other person.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone positively but found out that no matter what you say or do, they just focus upon the negative aspect of everything? If you talk about how good your weight loss is going, they will focus on the pounds you do carry instead- these guys are called negators because they literally negate everything positive your tell them only to make you feel down and low. These guys too have low self-esteem and hope to bog others down to make themselves feel better.

There are certain types of negative personality that focus upon the need for constant attention. They will do outrageous things that are actually quite immature just to get your attention and to get you to do things for them that they like and enjoy. They are selfish and use babyish tactics to get what they want. It is not uncommon for them to pinpoint things that they may have done for you or to emotionally blackmail you so that you give them what they want. They live by the motto that any publicity is good publicity- except to them any attention is good attention. The worst thing you can do is comply though- do not make the mistake of complying and getting them what they want.

These are some of the many types of negative personality you would come across and you will have noticed that despite what these guys want to portray they are intrinsically quite weak and lack the ability to accept themselves for who they are and they always expect. Maintaining relationships with such people can be difficult because they drain you and wish to make you feel bad about yourself and your progress in various departments in your life. Staying away from them would be a good idea.