Types Of Natural Drugs

Humans can extract many types of natural drugs from various kinds of trees. People consume these natural drugs in their natural and pure form to produce an effect which affects both mind and body. Certain drugs which are consumed by people in their natural form to get a psychoactive effect are- opium, cocoa, morphine, cannabis and cocaine. There are certain plants which are used in their natural form as drugs in medicines. All such types of natural drugs are discussed below:

* Cocoa- cocoa is the base for manufacture of various kinds of products. Chocolates are made out of cocoa. But the content of cocoa in chocolate is too low to give a psychoactive effect in the body. It is said that chocolate plays a very important role in lightening your mood. But there are dark chocolates which have a little higher content of cocoa. The taste of dark chocolates is a little bitter. It is said that if the content of cocoa is increased in chocolates, it will work as a drug to your body. Your senses and body will be affected. Pure cocoa acts as one of the types of natural drugs which people tend to consume to influence their consciousness. Cocoa acts as psychotropic if taken in its pure form.

* Cocaine- cocaine stimulates body cells and the nervous system. Cocaine is consumed by people in its natural form and it is said to be derived from Coca plant. People generally use this drug to reach a psychoactive stage. These types of natural drugs are sometimes good for the human body if used as a medicine. People consume it for fun which can be extremely harmful. Cocaine is consumed in many ways. It is generally injected, inhaled, smoked and snorted. It is known to be one of the most powerful drugs known till now. Its import and export is banned and people generally tend to smuggle it. Because it is the most addictive drug, people go to extremes to get it.

* Morphine- it is one of the types of natural drugs which directly affects the central nervous system. It is generally used as a medicinal drug which doctors usually inject in the human body after an operation or a surgery. It affects brain and nervous system producing a neurotoxic effect and hence is known to be very addictive. Drug addicts consume this natural drug to reach a stage which creates a psychotropic effect on the body. It is also used as a medicine to control chronic and acute body pain.

* Opium- opium is a very old drug. It is one of the types of natural drugs whose production is banned. People cannot produce opium without the prior approval of the government. It is extracted from dried latex of the opium poppy. It is used to produce Heroine which is traded illegally. It is known to be one of the types of natural drugs which is very addictive.

These are certain types of natural drugs which people consume for different reasons.