Types Of MS

Learn about Types of MS. Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a disease which inflicts the Central Nervous System (CNS) which includes the brain and the spinal cord and affects the white matter of the tissue which is responsible for the transmissions of communications within the CNS and with the other parts of the body. A person suffering from MS would usually experience problems such as short term memory loss, nausea, an urge to urinate frequently, difficulty in controlling breathing and to swallow, blurred vision, weakness of muscles with spasms occurring in them and many more. People suffering from this disease show different symptoms as the symptoms depend upon which part of the nervous system is affected by MS. There are several types of MS which are:

Benign Multiple Sclerosis gives the false impression that the patient inflicted with this disease would not be severely affected by it. It is true that in the initial stage the effect is not much but as it progresses it can by highly disabling. Patients suffering from this disease usually do not face problems in carrying out their daily activities after the first attack. Persons suffering from this disease suffer from cognitive dysfunction, have short-term memory loss. MRI scans can detect the brain or spinal cord atrophy.

The most general form in the types of MS is the RRMS. When this disease strikes patients suffer attacks but it is soon followed by recovery making the patient believe that he has completely recovered. But this highly misleading as the recovery is for a short duration and soon the patient suffers attacks which leaves him the permanent symptoms. Women are twice as much susceptible to this disease as compared to men.

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) follows Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. It could take years before RRMS leads to the beginning of SPMS. Normally within 10 years people suffering from RPMS would suffer from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis while this figure reaches 90% after 30 years. Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis can said to be the second stage of MS wherein there is no recovery as in RRMS but some patients might get some relief at various stages.

PPMS is the one in the types of MS that affects men more than women. A person suffering from such disease usually sees worsening of the condition with each passing day and there is hardly any recovery. Though at times the disease may appear to stabilize which would give partial relief to the patient.

PRMS is one of the rare types of MS where the disease becomes progressive from the very beginning. A patient suffering from it gets acute attack on a very regular basis and there is hardly any relief for the patient.

Malignant Multiple Sclerosis is among the rare types of MS. It is also called Marbug Variant Multiple Sclerosis and is a very aggressive from. In this form the condition of the patient declines very fast and it can even lead to death or make the patient highly disabled within a short period which could be a few weeks or few months.

One might find doctors use the term in types of MS as Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis which is basically clubbing SPMS, PPMS and PRMS.