Types Of Motorcycles

There are numerous types of motorcycles that range from the nippy scooters to the vintage style beauties. While classifying motorcycles it is necessary to consider various aspects such as including all age-group bikes, color trends and nature of the bike. It would not look completed list if only modern types of motorcycles are included. The list can be said complete and perfect if motorcycles ranging from vintage as well as modern models are included to the list. The types of motorcycles should be based on the facts as well as the other features such as bike model, its usage and performance level.

Considering vintage as well as modern styles, types of motorcycles could include adventure sport motorcycle, electric motorcycle, customized motorcycle, endured motorcycle, scooter, traditional motorcycle, sport motorcycle, super-sport motorcycle, touring motorcycle, and moped motorcycle.

Adventure Sport motorcycle:

These motorcycles are available from the continent voyage trail style to the super-motto style. This bike has got a real adventure look that shows off the courageous nature of the rider.

Electric motorcycle:

An extra laid rear loom is available in electric motorcycles. These bikes are self-started bikes that consist of button starting feature. The seat height of this bike is small. It is possible to experience the relaxed riding while tripping this bike. This bike could be the best choice for the new bikers. Thus, electric motorcycle has become one among the most preferred types of motorcycles.

Endured motorcycle:

These are also called as trail or motocross motorcycles. The fast moving feature of this bike lets the mud spread onto the body of a rider. These bikes are less useful for riding on the roads that contain huge traffics. In other words, it can be said that these bikes are specially made for the highways.

Customized motorcycle:

These bikes are mostly preferred by those who love riding on highways as well as trafficked roads. These bikes come in different models and designs depending on the one’s wish. These bikes can be made in such way that they can cope with the tarmac roads.


This is a vintage style motorcycle. Scooters can vary in sizes and colors. These days, scooters are available from 50cc to 600cc. These bikes are perfect for the old generation or for those who love vintage style.

Traditional motorcycle:

This is one among the types of motorcycles that have retro look. This bike is perfect for traveling. This motorcycle comes in both the modern as well as vintage style. All engine sizes are available in case of traditional motorcycles.

Sport and super-sport motorcycles:

The sport and super-sport are the two different types of motorcycles. Sport motorcycles are comfortable and easy to ride whereas super-sport motorcycles need expert riders. The look of both these bikes is classy and somehow similar in nature.

Touring motorcycle:

Touring motorcycle has facility to ride for long hours. The special features of this bike enable it to ride on jammed road as well as highways. There is one measurement for this type of bike; much bigger the engine and fuel tank are, much longer will be the trips.

Moped motorcycle:

These bikes are limited to the speed range of 30mph. These bikes have 50cc engine size. These bikes are perfect for the teenagers who have recently crossed their age beyond 16.

However, these common types of motorcycles could not include the entire range of bikes but this list is sufficient for understanding the basic types of motorcycles.