Types Of Monitors For Computers

A monitor is considered to be one of the most important parts of computer along with keyboard and central processing unit. Monitors are also named as display screens and there are various types of monitors for computers available at very reasonable rates. The latest monitors are not only very compact, but are also quite easy to use and are eye-friendly. The common examples of monitors are LCD, DLP, plasma, and touch screens etc. The sizes of the monitor range from 12 inches to 42 inches and can be selected according to your choice as well as space.

Some of the types of monitors for computers are used quite commonly, whereas some of them are used only for specific purposes. One of the oldest and cheapest types of monitor is of CRT, which is available easily and has a dynamic range. In addition, the colors, viewing angles and the resolution is very remarkable. However, these monitors are heavy weight and like alot of electronic appliances they consume much more power. Another type of monitor for computers is of liquid crystal display or LCD, which are considered to be the later version of CRT monitors, but as compared to CRT these monitors are more compressed and slim.

The LCD types of monitor for computers have high quality and as compared to CRT, consume low power. Nevertheless, besides all these features LCD’s have determined viewing angles, contrasts, and colors etc. on the other hand, the plasma type of monitors for computers are considered to be excellent in brightness of colors and contrasts. In addition, the viewing angles and color saturation of this remarkable monitor is really outstanding. But, at the same time the plasma monitors are only available in larger dimensions and are quite heavy in weight. In the same way, the plasma monitors don’t permit the usage of optical objects such as light pens etc. The TFT monitor or screen is used normally in laptop computers because as compared to the LCD screen, it is very sensitive. The thin film transistor or TFT is considered to be far better than that of LCD and also have a better resolution.

The surface conducted electron-emitted display monitor or SED are the types of monitors for computers which have high resolution with a flat penal display screen. As compared to CRT and LCD, SED consumes quite less power and the picture provided is very high in resolution. Another type of monitor for computers is of digital light processing monitors, which are also named as projectors or digital projectors. Organic light-emitting diode is the type of monitor for computer in which consists of a dilute film of LEDs. The touch screen monitors consists of a sensitive touch screen, which is a great and advanced way to interact with the computer. In this type of monitor for computer, there is no need of any mouse or keyboard and the user can directly interact by touching the screen. Besides all these, there are certain monitors that are used only for commercial purposes and are quite expensive.