Types Of Mobile Computers

A type of computer device that that can be transported easily to operate and can be used anywhere is named as a mobile computer. This type of computer permits the user to work from any position and in order to access the internet a WI-FI or wireless network is used. As compared to the conventional computers, the types of mobile computers are smaller in size as well as lighter in weight while the functions provided are same. One of the most commonly used type of mobile computers device all around the globe are of laptops. This is a single-piece device in which the keyboard, monitor, mouse, computer, and screen are all connected. There is a large variation in laptops which vary in size, price, and capacities etc. in comparison to the desktop computers, the laptops are quite easy to use and carries all the functions included in the desktop computer.

Notebook computers are the type of mobile computers that are quite similar to that of laptops. Nevertheless, these types of mobile computers are not normally equipped with DVD-drives and as compared to laptop they have less memory and smaller hard drive. Moreover, the notebook computers are comparatively sleeker and smaller in size and the functionality is fixed to the basic programs of a computer and internet browsing. A tablet PC is the type of mobile computer which frequently holds a wireless network card, memory, and a hard drive. This kind of mobile computer consists of a single screen and a stylus is used by the user in order to write on the tablet.

PDA or personal digital assistant is the type of mobile computer that is very much same to that of a laptop and tablet PC. The only difference is that the PDA is comparatively smaller and is a handheld computer device. Originally, these mobile computers were basically designed to hold contact information, calendars, electronic address and date book keeping, and to-do lists. However, the latest PDA computers have elaborated and had included GPS, WI-FI, and is capable of downloading various types of applications. Another type of mobile computer is of smart phone, which is actually a combination of PDA and cellular phone. The features of a conventional phone are included in smart phone such as making as well as receiving calls along with the functionality of a computer.

The smart phones integrate email, calendars, WI-FI access, and GPS etc. in addition, the distinctive smart phones permit the user to easily download different types of applications and personalize the device like a computer. Different types of mobile computers consist of a large variety of communication options such as WPAN, WWAN, and WLAN etc. Some other types of mobile computers are hand-held computer, wearable computer, and vehicle mount computers. These three mobile computers have same features such as displays, OS, keypads, scan engines, and radio options. All the types of mobile computers are fully programmable and easily portable computing devices in which different kinds of data are transferred with the help of real-time or batch process.