Types Of Microcomputers

Microcomputers are personal computers that are small and portable that has one microprocessor as its central processing unit, has input/output facilities and memory. Microcomputers have been very popular nowadays and their sales have been increasing rapidly due their high demand on the market. Because of their small size, which is easy to carry around has lured many consumers to make use of this kind of gadget. The types of microcomputers vary based on specifications.

With the advanced technology now, a lot of microcomputers are available in the market. Their sizes depend on the functions and their capacity. They may be small in size but they can store multiple applications and run the programs satisfactorily. Microcomputers are a great aid in the learning process in many schools. Business industries mostly rely on their microcomputers as a tool in showing their products and services to clients. They even depend on these microcomputers to run their network system in the company


These are the lightest among microcomputers for they only weigh less than three pounds but they do not fall short on their function. These are mostly used by students to carry around because of its small size. They may be energy efficient but they are also designed to store fewer files and run lesser programs. They seldom have disc drives.


They are a little bigger than netbooks and they weigh at least five pounds. They can store a lot of files including music and videos. Their speed is faster than netbooks and can run several multiple programs. They may be a little heavier than netbooks but their sustainability and strength are better.


Overall, laptops and notebooks have similar storing and running capacity. Their main difference is the size of the screen. Laptops can be used for longer hours. Laptops use a single battery or an adapter that is also use in charging its battery.

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers may not be portable but they can perform advanced tasks and can store numerous data and files. This type of microcomputer has three components which are the monitor, keyboard and the central processing unit or CPU. They are designed to be used in one location and can perform complex data processing. This is more practical than the three microcomputers because if some parts need to be repaired, they can be easily replaced because most desktop computer parts are widely available in the market.

Tower Computers

This type of microcomputer has a motherboard, storage device and power supply which are put on top of each other. It comes in two types which are the min- tower and full- tower microcomputers. This microcomputer occupies lesser space compared to desktop computer.

PC Tablets

This newly launched type of microcomputer has been popularized by Apple. They mainly used the touch screen to navigate the computer. They are used through built- in keyboards or stylus pens.

There are many different types of microcomputers. Microcomputers have always been in the process of reinventing and upgrading all the time. Its history is truly remarkable as it shows how they evolve through the years. Consumers will be expecting that their will be more types of microcomputers introduce in the market in the future.