Types Of Microcomputer Functions

Microcomputers basically refer to personal computers which are primarily designed to be used by a single person. They are relatively inexpensive and small computers with microprocessors and their CPUs (Central Processing Units). They also include a memory, microprocessor as well as output/input facilities. Equipped with a screen and keyboard, microcomputers became widely used during the 1970s as well as the 1980s. Today microcomputers come in various forms such as a laptop, full-tower and mini-tower computers, desktops, notebooks, workstation or server, and palmtop or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Various types of microcomputer functions are relatively available in microcomputers in varying degrees. Laptop is very convenient and is used for mobile. It has a keyboard, display, pointing device like a pointing stick or touchpad and speakers in one unit. They can be used for all types of purposes. Full-tower and mini-tower computers or otherwise known as tower computers have mass storage devices, motherboards and power supplies. Desktops are larger and are capable of performing operations that are considered complex compared to laptops and notebooks. They also generally cost less than notebooks or laptops.

Notebooks belong to the smallest microcomputer types which are very portable and suitable for classrooms. Workstations or servers are considered high-end microcomputers which are designed primarily for scientific and technical applications. They feature advanced accessories as well as collaboration tools. They have high performance compared to desktop computers with regard to graphics and CPU, multitasking capability and memory capacity. They especially possess optimized functions related to the manipulation and visualization of different complex data types such as engineering simulation, 3D mechanical design, mechanical plots, animation as well as rendering an image. Palmtops are computers that are conveniently held using a hand with compressed keyboards and small screens, and which are often considered as ideal personal organizers.

Below are some of the functions of the different types of microcomputer :

Processing – This is one of the types of microcomputer functions which refers to the computer’s capacity to speedily solve numerical problems of all types. Computer processing involves solving such numerical problems. Through the capacity of manipulating data of companies, tasks are effectively and efficiently completed. This saves a great amount of effort and time compared to working merely without such computer function. Error-free and accurate, computers are able to process a great deal of information as well.

Output – Output is one of the various types of microcomputer functions which is widely used. This type of function also includes the graphs in MS excel, power point slides and songs that are being played from the media player.

Storage – Storage refers to one of the types of microcomputer functions which keeps information or data in a computer in order to retrieve such information or data when needed. Computer storage may include DVD ROM, CD ROM, hard disk, flash, etc.

Input – This is one of the types of microcomputer functions which refers to the computer’s capacity to keep information of all types. With software such as notepad and MS Word, it is easy to input data such as articles and words.